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Fighting described as violent between the army and rebel militias in the Al-Faw axis.

🔴Al-Burhan in Marawi and confirms that no political process will start before the war.

🔴 Gezira State Civilian:

Looting and intimidation by militias, attacks on homes and terrorizing children continue.

– Citizens are arrested and the worst forms of verbal and physical torture are practiced

– Crops and livestock were looted, increasing the suffering of citizens.

– Madani and its neighborhoods witnessed airstrikes and casualties and injuries among citizens

– Armed groups and bandits are active in pedestrian streets, in addition to the deterioration of living conditions and the interruption of the communication network in most villages in the state.

– All hospitals in the city are suffering from a serious shortage, including Madani University Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and Al-Jazeera Surgery and Cardiology Hospital, which is operating without a specialist.

🔴The Sudanese network is out of service in the North, on the Nile and in Khartoum.

🔴Doctors Without Borders: 30 percent of children in Zamzam camp suffer from malnutrition.

🔴Satellite Internet service continues in most parts of the country despite the outage announcement.

🔴12 people were killed and 3 others injured in the village of (Fori and Al-Aret), rural of the town of Al-Obeid, and accusations against the militia.

🔴The General Coordinator of Displaced Persons and Refugee Camps announces the collapse of the health situation in the displaced camps.

🔴A teacher was arrested in the town of Katila, South Darfur state.

🔴The art scene and public opinion fluctuated and widely reacted to Nancy Ajaj's joining the Emirati festival, and critics pursued her.

🌍Sudanese personality: 🔰

Sheikh Muhammad Ahmed Abu Al-Hassan Abdullah (Abu Ezza)

Khalawi Sheikh Abu Ezza… (Bam Ashra)

The largest Quran memorization complex in the Middle East.

– Sheikh Abu Azza was born in Kordofan, and when he reached the age of eight, he went to the retreat of Sheikh Abdullah Wad Al-Abbas, where he memorized the Holy Quran and studied the sciences of Sharia law with Sheikh Abdullah. Then he returned to his country and founded “Khalawi” for memorizing and learning the Quran, and graduated in the hands of thousands of memorizers of the Book of God.

More than 70 years in the service of the Koran…

He is over ninety years old and still cultivates his own land and does not eat until the last student who has memorized the Book of God has eaten…

You find him barefoot inside the mosque, watching over his children and grandchildren

The Sheikh Abou Azza cells were founded in 1946, and since then, 5,000 memorizers of the Book of God have graduated each year.

Khalawi Sheikh (Abu Aza) of Kordofan, western Sudan, graduated 350 memorizers of the Book of God

This graduation and this number are awarded every year, and now the number of students participating in the retreat is not less than four thousand four thousand students, and all this is at the expense of the Sheikh, there is no government support, nor anyone else.

From God, because the sheikh sits with them and cries with his students, not leaving them for a moment…

Through his sheikh, Abu Aizah was affiliated with the Samani Sufi order, and in 1944 he founded the core of the largest Quran memorization complex in the Middle East. He had no money or prestige except absolute faith in the grace of God. He struggled with the harsh conditions where villages were far apart and there was no means of communication except through animals, with the crisis of lack of water, so he rolled up his sleeves and collected water. firewood to establish a retreat for memorizing the Quran. of straw, and his word was to start with two or three children, perhaps God would consider the honesty that pressed into his chest. He blesses the little one and multiplies it, which is what actually happened. Sheikh Abu Azzah sat on the steep dunes for almost eighty consecutive years, enduring the heat of summer and the cold of winter, cutting off his connections except those that were useful and serving his purpose, until so that its mosque became one of the largest mosques, and its cells became one of the largest, graduating thousands of memorizers, and it has the right to be called “University of the Desert》..

The sheikh was known for his asceticism, piety, and self-education, and he had no ties to men of power, prestige, or money. He considered them like others, without difference or advantage, regardless of their status. The writer Muhammad Khair Awadallah recounts a situation that occurred during the visit of former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to Kordofan, and the sheikh was studying the Quran according to his daily schedule, monitoring the level of memorization and among his The instruction was that no one should come to him while he was studying the Quran, but someone came in and whispered in his ear: “Sir Sheikh… President Al-Bashir, Governor Ahmed Haroun and the delegation that accompanied them have arrived and are waiting for you. His response was decisive: “We still have a long way to go, if they wait for their guests or if they come back”, which is why the President of the Republic, the governor and the official staff were forced to submit to the Sheikh's program and not to their decreed program.

May God have mercy on him, this is a little of what we know, and much of it was hidden to avoid danger and out of a desire to obtain reward and recompense from God.

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