⭕New trend.. Exclusive coverage of the latest developments in Sudanese events, Sunday May 5, 2024

🔴Wide reception from several parties and calls for the army and militias to reach a similar humanitarian agreement.

🔴The start of the school year today in the Blue Nile region and the integration of a number of schools into the morning and evening shift system.

🔴Al-Badiriya Lunettes en Blanc announces its support for the armed forces and calls on residents of the region and those who are able to carry weapons to protect the family home.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticizes Chad's statements and reveals that 400 flights were monitored from the Emirates to Chad.

🔴Fighting continues in different axes of Al-Jazeera State, and the army enters the village of Al-Shabarqa, east of Madani.

🔴The Shambat militia establishes new outposts and forces some families to leave their homes.

🔴The Atbara Criminal Court issues a decision acquitting a woman accused of collaboration with the militia and releases her.

🔴The Journalists Union reveals that 80% of journalists have lost their jobs due to war and displacement.

🔴Hajj and Umrah announces that tomorrow, Monday, is the last day for submission and electronic payment.

🔴Qualitative military operations were carried out today in Bahri, carrying out successful strikes and causing losses in the ranks of the militia

🔴Exchange of artillery fire between the army and militias north of Omdurman.

🔴Communication networks on the island and in some southern villages are still outside the coverage area.

🌍Sudanese cities..🔰🔰..

°Blue Nile State

_ One of the 18 states of Sudan, it is located in the southwestern part of the country and its capital is Al-Damazin.

_ It is bordered to the north by the State of Sennar, to the west and south by South Sudan and to the east by the State of Ethiopia.

_ The Blue Nile, the largest tributary of the Nile, which originates on the Ethiopian plateau, flows through the state.

The area of ​​the State is estimated at 45,844 km², the equivalent of twice the area of ​​the State of Djibouti.

_ The state is administratively divided into seven localities: the locality of Al-Damazin, the locality of Al-Rasris, the locality of Baw, the locality of Al-Karmuk, the locality of Al-Tadamon, the locality of Qassian and the locality of Wad Al-Mahi.

Its economy depends on agriculture, with arable land amounting to 4.67 million acres of rain-fed and traditional lands, in addition to livestock and forestry resources.

_ In terms of tourism, the region is an ideal place for lovers of nature, forests and exploration due to the tropical climate of the state.

_The state is interested in sports and the activities that accompany it, and there are sports clubs everywhere, and one of the most prominent players produced by the state is Ammar Al-Damazin, the Sudanese player of Al -Hilal.

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