⭕The trend is over… exclusive coverage of Sudanese events – Friday May 3, 2024

🔴 Notice… from the 2nd Infantry Division in Gedaref to citizens regarding the carrying out of heavy weapons and artillery tests, reassuring citizens and asking them not to be disturbed…

🔴Two Red Cross drivers were killed and three of its employees were injured in South Darfur.

🔴Fighting described as violent between the army and militias in Shabarqa, east of Madani, since Friday morning.

🔴 On foot, thousands of Sudanese refugees have fled the Olala camp in Ethiopia due to deteriorating security conditions.

🔴Gezira University resumes studies electronically at the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Law the day after tomorrow, Sunday..

🔴Fuel trucks were blocked on the borders of North Kordofan by the Sudanese army..

🔴Jeddah negotiations… Al-Burhan demonstrates unprecedented adherence to his refusal to resume negotiations on the condition that rebel Hemedti stops buying weapons..

The governor of Kassala, Major General Maash Al-Sadiq Al-Azraq, issues a decision barring displaced people not registered with the Red Crescent from accessing housing and shelters.

🔴The governor of Khartoum forms a security cell to monitor the movement of the militia's social bases.

Damazin activists threaten to organize a sit-in if the government tries to evict the displaced from the accommodation centers.

🔴Video clip of an earth eruption, a strange geological phenomenon in the Al-Khatmiya district in the city of Kassala.


_Babanusa is located in West Kordofan State, 697 square kilometers from Khartoum, the capital.

_ It is considered one of the most important major intersection stations of the Sudan Railway, which connects western Sudan to the east and north, and is where the line originates from heading south towards Wau in southern Sudan.

_ The origin of the name is due to the ebony trees which are abundant there.

_Among the districts are Al-Salam District, Al-Nasr District, Al-Qantour District, Al-Sahafa, Al-Wahda, Al-Farouq, Al-Sikka Al-District Hadid, Al-Tarbiyah District, Abu Ismail, Al-Ghubayshhi District, Al-Qalaa, Al-Qubba and Al-Maqta'at.

_ Grazing, livestock and agriculture constitute the most important economic activities of the city, alongside the service and transport sector represented by the railway, as well as commerce and livestock.

The town is famous for its dairy industry and was known for the beginning of an industry relying on local production.

_ The city's sports focus on football, as several sports teams compete in the municipal league.

Among these teams: Al-Rimal, Al-Ismaili, Al-Shababiya and Al-Shorta.

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