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🔰From the depths of artistic memory, we delve into the experience of the late jazz singer *Kamal Kila*

🔴Team Kabashi arrives in Al-Faw for an inspection visit and to boost morale.

🔴Rebel Kikel opens a number of schools in Gezira State, and the move is widely welcomed by citizens and students.

🔴1 consultations and preparations to open schools in Gedaref State on May 26

Kassala State locality gives 24 hours to kiosks and pallet owners to collect them

🔴Nile State authorities forced displaced people to forcibly evacuate two schools yesterday, Monday 5.

🔴The rebel militia is preventing the arrival of goods and services in the town of El Fasher due to the siege it is imposing, and both sides are preparing for a battle described as a broken bone….

🔴Issam Mohamed Nour denies the video of stopping the war which is circulating and responds that the war has become an imposed reality and that the clip which is circulating is old.

🔴Mecca Ophthalmology Hospital in Al-Obeid announces 1 free operation for vulnerable segments.

The Security Council suspends its session regarding Sudan's request to accuse the United Arab Emirates under the pretext of failing to provide an adequate translation of the request, and Britain is obstructing and colluding…

🔴The rebel Al-Nour Al-Qubba, one of the militia leaders, denies having joined Musa Hilal and confirms his rebellion…

🔴The civil administrations of West Darfur meet and announce their support for the militias, and they threaten Musa Hilal, Minni Arko Minawi and Tambour.

Varieties section:


From the depths of Sudanese cultural memory


Jazz music by Kemal Killa

He is considered one of Sudan's most talented and distinguished jazz artists during its golden age. He used his singing in English and Arabic as a crossing point for his songs outside the country's borders, as his songs dealt with themes of peace, homeland and stopping war.

Between his birth in the town of Kassala on January 2, 1948 and his death in the town of Bahri on January 2, 2021, the life of Kamal Kila, the giant of Sudanese jazz, was full of brilliance, generosity and creativity. the field of singing and music, and in the context of commemorations. The third was due to his death in Khartoum Bahri and Kamal Kila, who was considered one of the pillars of this art that the Sudanese knew since the late fifties of the last. century, through a number of musical pioneers such as Muhammad Ismail Badi, Othman Al-Mu and Sharhabeel Ahmed. He had been like Kila since the seventies, forming with his colleagues Sharhabeel Ahmed and Al-Jilani Al-Wathiq, William. Andria and Omar Qili are the stars of jazz in Sudan.

Kamal Kila, born in the town of Kassala in 1948 to an army officer father belonging to the Shilluk tribe, and his mother was from northern Sudan, the Mahs tribe, where he received his primary and intermediate education, then he studied secondary school at Coptic College in Khartoum, then he joined Cairo University, Khartoum branch, which became He then went to Al-Nilein University and later completed his university studies at his alma mater Cairo University in Cairo, where he obtained a Law degree, he then returned to Sudan in the early 70s of the last century to participate with his colleagues in the advancement of jazz singing. He distinguished himself by his dazzling presence in the theater and his striking elegance. used as a proverb. A friend of mine told me that Kamal Kayla was the best person to wear a white suit. He enjoyed the love of many fans and his music was distinguished by its danceable rhythms and rich use of brass instruments. wind instruments through a musical group composed of the most brilliant musicians of the time.

Lonit's singing was a mixture of Western music and Sudanese rhythms, including Tam Tam. He also reworked some of Al-Haka's songs in a beautiful way by introducing brass instruments, such as the song “The Happiness of the World” by the poet of Al-Hika. Omar Al-Banna and Abu Salah's “Of Course I Love You”, as well as the song “Salani and My Tears Flowed”, “It found great acceptance and gained great popularity. Killa managed to present a modern and palatable image. of these songs through his dance performance, his beautiful and strong baritone voice and the professional performance of his band. He has sung in Arabic and English, and he has a number of songs in English, the most famous of which is The song of. Kila was one of the most ardent advocates of the unity of the African continent, and in a short time Kamal Kila became a jazz star rivaling Sharhabeel in popularity and airplay.

▪︎ He has always been sought after and sought after to sing in hotels and clubs in foreign communities. I remember him being one of the most vocal performers at the Blue Nile Casino in Bahri, a town he particularly loved and where he had many friends. and admirers, notably Diom Bahri, whom he resembled, in the Harlem district of New York, and this love for the city of Bahri made him take the building, located in the heart of the Bahri market and directly overlooking the Tahrir Club. the south side, as the headquarters of its musical group and its artistic activities.

– On a personal level, Kayla was a very friendly, generous and good-natured person, and he was very humble despite his great fame during a ceremony in his honor, organized in his honor by the Nilein Forum in 2019 , during which a large number of art and jazz stars participated, led by Sharhabeel Ahmed, the king of jazz, he was clearly touched by Sharhabeel's presence at the ceremony in his honor, he said, addressing Sharhabeel: “I'm glad you're here to. honor me, you are my teacher from whom I have learned a lot!! He was merciful and especially loved children, and in his home in the Al-Azhari district he found happiness in raising colorful birds, peacocks of marvelous colors, homing pigeons and parrots that dazzled visitors by imitating their words, one of the dogs. the rarest species, also found a large space in his house, and he said he had the ability to communicate with it.

In his last days, his friend, Professor Mahjoub Fadl Badri, visited him and wrote to him:

“I visited him for the last time in his house, where he was eerily quiet and all sounds were absent. I saw him wearing a green dress and a hat, staring into nothingness, and with that, I became interested in all his hobbies and pets. He was consumed by sadness, and I did not meet him afterward until the mourner mourned him and granted him residence in the highest heaven of heaven.

We ask God to have mercy on Professor Kamal al-Din Othman Ali Kila, forgive him and accept him with good acceptance.

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