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Exclusive news on the evolution of Sudanese events, Monday April 29, 2024

✍️For Zul Net: Muhammad Qiyamah

🔴Clashes resumed yesterday Sunday between militias and armed movements in El Fasher

🔴The Dar Hamid tribe in Jabrat al-Sheikh is fighting fierce battles against the militias.

🔴The northern governor, in charge of Abdeen, instead of rumors about targeting the populations of Darfur in mining areas, a rumor aimed at fragmenting the social fabric.

🔴Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The UAE's statement on the situation in El Fasher brings crocodile tears.

🔴The militias are fighting among themselves, and the rebel Jalah is in control of the situation on the island. A coup d'état is taking place (the Rizeigat attack the rebel Kikel and he continues to justify them)..

🔴Yasser Al-Atta: The army is working on a fundamental transition period that will span years without a political incubator.

🔴The return of gold cannot reduce the dollar and people are suffering.

🔴New cooking gas rates in Nile State.

🔴 Removal of foreign objects and explosives begins in Omdurman (for Zool Net) by a specialist team – and power and water outages continue in much of old Omdurman.

🔴Militia releases video recording of school resumption in “Al-Aikoura” area of ​​Al-Jazeera State.

🔴The governor of Khartoum instructs the Ministry of Urban Planning to assess the adequacy of housing and markets (Zool Net network) as part of the modalities of return to areas under military control.

Due to Sudan's accusations against the United Arab Emirates, the Security Council holds a closed session.

🌍Sudanese city: 🔰🔰

• The land of (iron and fire)


_ Atbara is located in Nile State, between the Nile and the Atbara River, making it one of the most important cities in Sudan due to its strategic location.

_ It was chosen to be the meeting point for the railway lines (Zool Net), the railway information network that connects Sudan's capital, Khartoum, to its main ports like Port Sudan and Suakin, and its border towns like Kassala and Oued Halfa.

Atbara received this name because of the rage of the Atbara River when it floods and enters it in a northwest direction and very quickly descends into its flat plains, where it destroys and sweeps away everything that falls on its course.

– Atbara is a model for Sudan with all its ethnicities, cultural differences, customs and traditions, (in Zoul Net The railway contributed to the formation of the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community of Atbara, to the development of its community). political and social development and the creation of an economic core for it.

_ When we talk about Atbara, we must mention the workers' union.

_ Its economic activity depends on the technical and administrative services of the Railway Authority and others (according to Zool Net). The agricultural sector is also resuming the activity of a significant part of the population, especially after the implementation of the food security project in . the north of the city and some small projects on the banks of the Nile.

– Atbara has many tourist destinations, including archaeological areas, parks, complexes and buildings left over from colonialism.

_Atbara has experienced sporting activity since 1921 AD (according to the Zoll Net network), the date of creation of the city stadium. Today, it comprises several football sports clubs at different levels affiliated to the Sudan Football Federation. One of the most important sports clubs in Sudan is the Al-Amal Atbara team.

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