19th Infantry Division Command, Marawi – today, Saturday 04/27/2024 AD – statement

Command of the 19th Infantry Division, Marawi.

Guidance and Services Division.

Today is Saturday 04/27/2024 AD.

At 4 a.m., enemy forces targeted Marawi Airport with three suicide marches, successfully using land-based anti-aircraft missiles which were shot down without loss of life or equipment.

We reassure all citizens of Marawi locality that your armed forces are fully prepared and ready to deal with any emergency or foreign object in the skies of Marawi locality and the Northern State in general.

We call on everyone not to be drawn into malicious rumors.

God is great… God is great… God is great. Glory goes to Sudan and the armed forces, and shame and disgrace to the rebels, traitors and conspirators.

Below are photos of the suicide marches that were stopped thanks to God and his success.


#19th Infantry Division Media.

#firmness. Determination. Redemption.

#One army, one people.

#The duty of nations is that which calls us.

#We will protect our land by land, air and sea.

#We are your honor, my homeland.

#We will become the greatest army.

#Victorious defense army.

#We fold deserts without getting tired.

#We cover pebbles and stones.

#Our cannon hit and hit the river.

#Barodo will bring the news.

#Victory approaches and the rebellion is defeated.

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