A campaign to clean up the environment in Shendi above

Environmental sanitation campaigns are organized in the oldest area of ​​Shendi locality (Shendi Fawq), which includes four squares in addition to the Shendi University College of Education complex and buildings of the National Student and Boarding School Fund for Girls.

Director of the administrative unit of Shendi Town, Nasr al-Din Ali Ishaq, said that environmental sanitation campaigns are underway again in accordance with the directives of the Executive Director of Shendi Town, Khaled Abdul Ghaffar al-Sheikh, who were approved by the local government meeting earlier.

Nasr al-Din added that the efforts of the administrative unit will continue until the environmental sanitation process becomes a concern for everyone, and that the participation of community groups in these campaigns is a kind of dissemination of the culture of environmental sanitation among the population.

He stressed that the strike would start from Shendi Square above and then spread to the rest of the city's neighborhoods.

For his part, the leader of the Popular Resistance in Shindi, General Moatasem Al-Jamri, declared that the popular participation in this campaign is an indicator of the interest in this issue and the efforts necessary to make it succeed in the necessary measure.

He praised the role played by the municipal unit in this regard so that cleanliness remains a priority for all.

Local media, the Khartoum Journalists Association in Shindi and the Association of Expatriate Playwrights are participating in the campaign, in addition to popular participation from all segments of society.

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