A flash that I experienced with its brilliance!! – From the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

The creative Siddiq Mudathir is one of the poets of my country who has excelled since his childhood. He began his poetic journey at the age of twenty, and the leader of Al-Azhari honored him at this age in a joyful celebration for his poem “Daughter of the Fatherland”. ”, which was sung by the late Ahmed Al-Mustafa, and everyone defended it on Women's Day in front of Al-Azhari.

It was Siddiq Muddathir who wrote the poem Yadnain Al-Wad and it was published in the newspaper Al-Sudan Al-Jadeed. It awakened in Al-Kabli all his artistic senses. He worked on it for two years to tune the melody and. produce it in this beautiful melodic form.

A friend of mine tells how he once told his wife that this poem was written by our poet about her lover, so she left him for a whole year.

The poem is full of manifestations of abundant vocabulary, filled with the scent of sober rhetorical beauty: If your beauty is of unknown extent… then the imagination of poetry frequents the chandeliers, the more you hide it in the heart… your eyes will tell it and it will not be hidden from me, and the night will spread the secrets of passion… and especially in the morning a Babylonian color.

Muddathir played eloquence with Bint Adnan and made his sentences sparkle and shine until they became a necklace of resonant verbal phrases and were immortalized eternally as he described his lightning which flew over him in all haste: The more I hid in my heart and drew near. barefoot, I fed it with my blood until it became a bell that captivated the ear, if it ever was. You are far from my hand, and the imagination of poetry goes to the chandelier.

A friend Maddathir whose school in the art of lending is unbridled romance in a sea of ​​overflowing feelings mixed with elegant and clear symbolism with a clear poetic compass.

This is the river of sweet poetry in which the artist Kabli sailed and drank from its cool waters, an elegant artistic duo in which the former combined the former to create and create the words, and the latter to play the melody and performing with a magnificent voice, and the result was a song considered to be one of the immortal and attractive songs. May God have mercy on them… Oh, it's rich or nothing! .

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