A journey through the Reuters Institute 2024 report, exploring trends and expectations in journalism, media and technology – Something for the Homeland – ✍️ Ing Salah Ghariba.

The Reuters Institute's 2024 Report on Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Forecasts is an essential compass for understanding the media industry's journey amid accelerating digital transformations. Drawing on the perspectives of 314 senior media executives in 56 countries, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of this vital field.

The report highlights that AI is a game-changer and is expected to revolutionize various tasks in the journalism industry, from news gathering and article writing to content editing.

AI offers enormous potential to improve efficiency and productivity, but it raises serious concerns about information accuracy and content bias, not to mention job losses, as many tasks traditionally performed by journalists are automated.

The report notes that trust in the media continues to decline, with less than half of those surveyed expressing confidence in the future of the journalism profession. This crisis is rooted in the spread of false information and biased media coverage, as well as the financial challenges facing the media.

Declining traditional advertising revenues and shrinking print newspaper sales are prompting publishers to seek innovative business models to ensure their sustainability in the digital age. Some of the strategies explored also include digital subscriptions, live events and artificial intelligence. promising solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, which can help improve profit margin.

The report highlights the growing importance of video as the primary means of news consumption, particularly among young people.

Publishers are aware of this, which is why they are investing heavily in video content to attract audiences, focusing on engaging formats like short-form videos and live streaming.

The spread of disinformation is a major concern for journalists and media outlets, as it threatens the credibility of the profession and undermines trust in institutions. The report provides an overview of efforts to combat this phenomenon, including using fact-checking techniques and relying on misinformation. artificial intelligence to identify and correct misleading information.

The report highlights the need to strengthen diversity and inclusion in newsrooms, as journalists and media organizations are called upon to provide media coverage that is more representative of different communities, helping to break down stereotypes and present diverse points of view, which enriches the content and enriches it. relevance to a wide audience.

Despite the many challenges it faces, the Reuters Institute report shows some optimism about the future of journalism, as people increasingly need high-quality, reliable information at a time of uncertainty.

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