A major community cleanliness campaign took place on Saturday in the locality of Shendi, as well as a competition and incentive for the five cleanest streets. The Director of the National Prisoner Production Project confirms the completion of all factors necessary for the launch of the project in Nile State.

The director of the National Community Project for Captive Production and the National Community Initiative to Achieve Food Security announced his participation in

The major cleaning campaign organized by the locality of Shendi and under the sponsorship and participation of the executive director of the locality of Shendi, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, who himself leads it throughout the day and the night.

Professor Elias Abdel-Rahman announced the launch of a major media campaign led by the Khartoum Media Association in Shendi locality, supporting the efforts of the executive administration in general and the Department of Health and Welfare. environmental hygiene, which had already started before the blessed Eid al. -Fitr, with the formation of a special media committee to take care of the campaign and even participate practically in cleaning the streets in front of their residential neighborhoods, he added, a number of organizations and associations have agreed to participate in the major campaign soon. On Saturday, God willing, led by the Eban Organization, Fraternity Association, Square 20 Committee and Shendi Shendina Organization, Professor Elias announced a competition for the five best streets in Shendi City, with an incentive for families. plant fruit trees for each family participating in the public cleanliness campaign. In front of homes and improved vegetable seeds for all those who have an area, even in meters, to locate plant production while finding sources for animal production, poultry, quail and quail breeding. He added that basic leafy vegetables and reducing the vegetable garden bill, which is a major obsession of the possibility, is a very easy goal to achieve, and it is not desirable that this work be carried out in partnership with… The departments concerned are agriculture, livestock, social protection and the Zakat office.

In addition to organizations, associations and initiatives, coordination between them is completed.

The Director of the National Community Project for Captive Production and the National Community Initiative to Achieve Food Security announced Nile Governor Dr. Mohamed Al-Badawi Abdel-Majed, Minister of Production and Economic Resources of Nile State, Dr. Najda Arbab, Minister of Livestock and Pastures, Engineer Salah Al-Mamoun, Head of the Agriculture Department at the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources, and Dr. Tahani Mirghani, Minister of Social Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Yassin, Minister. of Education and the Executive Director of Shendi locality, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, fully agreed to move forward with the project and initiative, adding that Al-Dahmer locality was fully prepared .

Additionally, the other localities came together through the Nile State Media Association and the localities met with their senior officials.

In addition, the media through radio, agencies, satellite channels, electronic journalism, press networks and centers, SUNA agency and the Nile electronic newspaper, Shendi, fully support this great work.

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