A meeting of primary and secondary school principals from the Kabushi unit… under the slogan: Good planning is the beginning of the path to success.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Capuchin Unity

And the supervision of the General Administration of Education in Shendi Locality

The director of the base stage of Shendi locality said

Mr. Muhammad Musa Siddiq said that Kabushi region is full of scientists, scholars and creative people, and its people are fighters, and it is the source of civilization (Bajrawiya) and the Kingdom of ( Kush), which is the source of Sudanese history.

Saluting the role of its generations, generation after generation, in their continuous giving from ancient times to the present day.

Noting that it is expected that in the future, this region will play a very important role in the fields of science, education, politics, as well as economic and social progress and development.

Confirming the availability of his administration in Shindi to respond to any invitation from the Kabush unit. This came while he was addressing the Primary and Secondary School Principals Forum, organized by the Kabushi Unit Education Department.

Some former directors were honored, including Professor Al-Amin Musa Janqi and Professor

Awad Dambawi and the professor

Jadallah Youssef and Mrs.

Najad Ahmed Al-Sayed and professor

Abdul Rahman Al-Ajeel and professor

Abdel Moneim Al-Tayeb Al-Halabi and professor

Abdul Qader Al-Awad and Mrs.

Zakia Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Greetings and thanks to them and to all the teachers in my country

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