A year has been lost for the Sudanese people! Shouldn't we waste a year eradicating illiteracy? Let's win decades of peace and development! ✍️Ismail Adam Muhammad Zain

There is an institution located on the banks of the Blue Nile, near the Cooper Bridge, which they called the “National Council for the Eradication of Illiteracy and Adult Education”, and it has remained stagnant in its place distinctive for decades, without increasing. its status by eradicating the illiteracy of ten individuals! May they then rise to a higher place!

If we examine the causes of the impending catastrophe and the senseless war and sharpen our minds to know them, we will find that the spread of illiteracy is the primary reason for the spread of unemployment. Thousands of young people displaced, pushed by the crisis. they looked for money quickly, and they found it in the armed movements and with the heritage of the local culture which encourages chivalry, humility and the nature of… The harsh pastoral life, the distance government and weak leadership at all levels. Chaos ensued and the military government, armed with religious leanings and exploiting religion to serve its goals, contributed to this goal. We see them in projects that have brought nothing but harm to the country and aroused hostility from neighboring countries. , starting with the formation of the council of the Arab-Islamic People's Republic, where they brought together all types of adventurers from all parts of the world. This is a well-known matter. Then the Popular Friendship Council, as a parallel organization. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the illusion of creating direct relations between peoples! This is work that embassies have a role to strengthen! But these are ignorant people! We see them accusing certain ambassadors who work with good intentions to consolidate popular relations… including their attack against the ambassador of the United States of America while he visits the sheikhs of the Sufi orders, or against certain parties whose visits they consider to be in the service of relations and diplomacy! The diplomat did not know her like Minister Ahmed Mohamed Khair or Dr Mansour Khaled knew her! They see her present her credentials and attend official evenings, in a tie and an elegant suit!

Creating a global university is an expensive undertaking, with a spending gap for universities serving their deprived citizens! Without their existence, we would not have seen them in public life! Such a university was only proposed by the Soviet Union, at the time of its glory and its efforts to propagate the socialist system and in its competition with America. She established a major university, named after the African freedom fighter, Patrice Lumumba Soudan. his share of those who attended.

They also created a Quran they called the African Quran, which cost over $5 million! At a time when children need food and clothing, even care and vaccinations! No one can criticize or advise erroneous opinions and deviated minds! Perhaps he is not labeled as being hostile to religion or downright unbelieving! At a time when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia distributes the Quran free of charge to its visitors! Maybe send it to the ministries responsible for religious affairs! More than three decades ago, I took a box full of Quran from the office of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to distribute to mosques for free!

Such ministry is also a wasteful activity, as it serves one sect of the country's population and leaves other sects aside. This is community-led and well-supervised work. The government must focus on what serves all citizens, namely their education, health and safety, as well as providing the rest of the services, such as water, electricity and communications.

We see that the government, during the era of salvation, paid attention to zakat and collected it in an arbitrary and violent manner, supervising its distribution elsewhere than in its known banks! Zakat is one of the religious things that many people paid and spent for free for what they considered to be a misunderstanding of religion! While it was distributed to create a television channel and to a man who does not work in this field! Perhaps some readers know other banks that zakat money went to. In my opinion, the employees of the tax office could have done the same job, provided that the money went to the public treasury and was then better spent on social security. treat the poor and needy. In education and other activities of the modern state, we need new jurisprudence, issued by fine minds. Religion is treatment, compassion and mercy.

I saw a Bedouin on a TV show, sitting, surrounded by greenery, mocking the ignorance of zakat recipients and their inability to distinguish Bint al-Laboun from others.

I wanted these models of spending or wasting public money to be oriented according to good public policies and good plans according to priorities.

With the need to include all companies affiliated with the military, police and security agencies in the Ministry of Finance, this is one of the necessities of governance reform.

Governance reform will only be complete by reforming the economy. Here we need to keep up with the pace of the world by seriously thinking about issuing a digital currency, ridding people of the problems of inflation, currency counterfeiting and other known problems, such as introducing liquidity into the banking system. Citizens have realized the importance of digital transactions to transfer and receive money.

We see the waste of money that sends the armed forces into the war in Yemen, and maybe they are still there! At a time when the government is looking to recruit citizens! The country's participation in this war must be reconsidered and all forces must be sent back to defend the country in order to accelerate the restoration of peace. And mobilize state activities, including the eradication of illiteracy and education.

We are now facing the effects of the spread of illiteracy and ignorance, which is why we must seriously think about eradicating them, now, even in the current circumstances, since people do not have jobs. Let’s dedicate a whole year or six months. to the eradication of illiteracy. After the dissolution of the existing institution, this program will be carried out under the Ministry of Education, perhaps under the administration of preschool and basic education, in addition to national service.

Everyone can contribute to this important project, if we want lasting peace, development and progress of the country.

Things have become linked and complicated! There is nothing wrong with sharpening minds and shaking them. Come on, let this disaster be the start of change.

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