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Wad Al-Farash is a Sudanese poet who wrote a unique aesthetic of colloquial poetry. The Berbers of his native land gave him the brilliance of beauty, the gentleness of speech, the courage of the knight and the kindness of his people. narrators who poured gold of poetry in praise of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, when he sang saying:

Oh country, the Messenger is above you with rhyme

O homeland of men, people of pure beds.

My heart is sick…may God give you a healing look

My desire for you is the patient's desire for well-being

This elegant, sincere and beautiful praise in which Dalvarash expressed his desire to visit the Beloved Chosen and showed the signs of love and adoration for the best of God's creation in humanity in his together… is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful. the sweetest praises of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. This poem contains wonderful speech gems in which it contains verbal structures and rhetorical meanings. It is unique, it contains sublime description, it contains love for a place and love. for him who purified the place and illuminated it with the lamp of guidance that never goes out.

Land in which Yassin bin Abdullah

My mind is still there…and I'm still distracted by it

His love for Leah Amer in Fawadi and Nahi

He is the Khalani who talks about jewelry and He is the One

Dalfrash, Ibn Berber, was civilized and conservative in his poetry, not liberal. He represented the popular majority of Al-Safil, speaking in their dialect, expressing their aspirations and showing their characteristics. Dalfrash was creative in describing clear and beautiful imaginations in sentences. and expressions. His poetry contained the simplicity, spontaneity, frankness, ease, harmony and sweetness of music. This was evident in his love for music:

I've been in love with her since my tablet days

I couldn't find any medicine to cure my wounds

Otherwise, I wish you could go to Hijaz and leave

And the most honorable of Saba Taybah refreshes my soul

Even his desire wants to rush him, and wants to reach the land of the pure as quickly as possible, with beautiful expressions, rich vocabulary, resonant musical timbre, and unprecedented love and devotion through love or love:

I miss his love and my mistakes

Ah… I'm in time, why am I crossing a country?

The caravan and the car are of no use to me

I play Amishla with a plane

Dalfarash was neighbors with a number of poets and was proud of himself as a poet. He only composed poems based on his sentences. He traveled a lot and said of himself with pride:

I have so many thorns that they drag me

I am a jinn who carries a man who curses me

He proudly said:

I am the joy of children and they feel tense

I'm the one who watches over the person in trouble

I am Al-Mamoun Ali, the women of his team

And Dalfrash, just as he wrote beautiful poetry, composed the brilliant and glittering pearls in describing the Chosen One, God bless him and grant him peace, when he sang the most beautiful verses composed by a Sudanese narrator in the art of praise. virtues fall short of their representation.

Youssef Hasno…from Hasno, his lamp caught fire

And the full moon has found its completion. Thus (adjam) in the Beloved, and thus the honey filtered in praise of the Gum, and therefore love, adoration and sincere love. This beautiful praise was praised by the narrator and praiser, Abdullah. Al-Habbir, and he made it a wonderful diamond of praise with his sweet voice which added attraction, eagerness and attentiveness to it. Congratulations to the one who loves, poetry, praise and congratulations to the one who raises his voice. desire for the sublime and pure Mohammedan side… and blessings be upon the Messenger of God.

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