Abu Aashma launches a march towards the Third Division – Masarat – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

Abu Ashma is a cultural organization based in Shendi. It is interested in culture in multiple areas and strives, with the cultural tools and weapons at its disposal, to be a “support” and a “support” for the armed forces in which it is present. all forums due to its multidisciplinary composition. Different types and diverse talents surround all art forms, forming a permanent presence in the homeland.

Today it was Mr. Al-Naqr Majzoub and Alaa El-Din Abdel-Razek, one of the leaders of the organization, during this meeting within the Al-Karama Forum – Azza Watan in the Shendi TV room, which welcomed the major general. Dr. Mamoun Abdel-Raouf Saleh, Director of the Orientation Department at the General Command, accompanied by members of his press and radio department and the head of his Military Orientation and Information Division within the 3rd Division infantry, Shindi.

The meeting was delayed due to interference from the honorable guest's schedules. However, it bore fruit the day he planted it and the day he harvested it.

The issue of media was present in the room, which included media (local) and media (expatriate), as their efforts during the last period were appreciated closely, especially at the local level and in Nile State , where the media It was the gain obtained in Shendi that increased the shares of the Nile State government in The (national) scale is ahead of all states in Sudan.

Today, Shendi's media representation received a new certificate to adorn these young people who formed a unique and bright image and a beautiful flower that presented her media experience as a crown on the head of the nation.

When one of the armed forces media officials said that the (Shendi) media was present while the national media (Taha) and the military media were not (on) or (activated) for various reasons, the media of Shendi have had (bridged) the division and filled the void that could have been created. The militia deals with more (misleading) flags and (rumor) launchings, which came from the leadership of the armed forces at its highest levels. a testimony that the Shindi media are proud of. His Excellency the Major General did not settle for words of praise and appreciation, but rather called for (circulating) the idea and transferring it to the rest of the States, even if the Media Department in the Armed Forces will contribute to this until it becomes a reality in all states with equal success. Furthermore, His Excellency Major General Mamoun established a partnership framework between Shindi Media and the Armed Forces to implement numerous programs.

A number of participants spoke in favor of the general trend to unify media discourse and exercise caution in publishing information so that it does not produce negative results.

Aladdin of the Abu Ashma organization tried to create a “beautiful” and “pleasant” atmosphere, despite the “warm” welcome that His Excellency the Major General and his honorable company received from the public, when he launched a “march” and said: the head of the guidance division of the division was his teacher in one of the schools. The room burst into laughter. The (anti-hazards) of the head of the information division failed to reach (the target), and the (rumor refutation room). , who was (present) with all of its members, failed to refute this (information).

The meeting was successful in terms of guidelines and roadmap for media work in the future.

And more success.

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