Addiction to hallucinations with cobs…. The distinctive and apt description of being impudent..!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

*When the time comes for the shameless diaspora and its remorse to recover from the illness (hallucinations with the cobs), then the cobs will have obtained for themselves (a solid presence) on the national scene what they would not have couldn't have gotten it if they had. spent decades building their political, intellectual and social project (continuous methods). According to the word “Al-Kizan” in the shameless party and its activists on social networks and satellite channels, I give the people “a free presence” that they need for any material or moral “exhaustion”, and that is true who said: (An ignorant person can dominate you and get you a position that you would not have found if you had spent all the money in the world)… That is not sympathy and admiration that the Kizan won among the people as they entrenched themselves with the army in the battle of dignity and sacrificed their lives and blood with incredible generosity, to keep their adversaries on the other side in sorrow, distress and disappointment…! !*

*He is addicted to the shameless specter of hallucinating with cobs and (inventing) every false statement possible to (insult them), insult them and spread (lies) around them, and in these (hollow) actions , they waste a lot of time. If they had invested it in what would benefit their country and their people, they would have at least gained (the respect) of the people, but they accepted for themselves to be sullied by these (shameful) positions and to accompany the (shame) that follows their footsteps and their (shaking) movements in the country and abroad, and they have done no harm to the people. On the contrary, from where they knew it and did not know it, they lit lamps before the people to know the. the truth about the people, and they found it on the front line in defense of the homeland and the people, (their outfit) is detachment, self-sacrifice and indubitability (rescue), so where are- you, you insolent ones, in this (sumptuous honor) which distinguishes the people..?!!

*The greatest disaster is that these imbeciles do not want to understand that they are only a “reserve” available in the hands of a foreign agenda which preoccupies them with an “aggression” against the choices of their people and against the stability and progress of their homeland. , and locks them in a narrow tunnel represented by their “prejudices” against the people, and they will only be able to get out when their “demise” comes which is closer to them than their jugular vein..! !*

*We will write and write…!!!*

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