After fleeing Khartoum… the militia fled by force and not voluntarily…!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas See More

*Describing the flight of the rebel militia from Khartoum as a withdrawal gives it a (positive advantage) that it does not deserve, because withdrawal means leaving (voluntarily) while possessing (the ability) to use combat tactics to (confront) the army and regain its (position), while the facts on the ground say otherwise and (This proves) that the militia is nothing but a (defeated herd), and that there is no room for any comparison between its (modest) military capabilities and the (high) combat professionalism enjoyed by the army, because it was able (with its usual efficiency) to thwart all its plans and to deal a (painful) blow to its miserable entity. They were pursued to their burrows and hideouts, and the places were filled with their. scattered corpses that fed the stray dogs. Therefore, since these thugs were not able to fight the army on the ground, they had no choice but to flee for fear of death, and this is the truth that we must be aware of. , there is no retreat and they do not feel sad, rather they flee (forcibly) and not voluntarily..!!*

*The killings, stonings and stonings of the thugs have intensified, so all they have to do is escape, and we hoped that none of them would escape the murder, so that they would taste the “bitterness” of the atrocities. and the crimes committed by their dirty hands against innocent people. These thugs have “no security”, and they can repeat the same thing, they (betray) the citizens in the places of escape, and (hide) again in the houses, and so. what suits them is (painful lethality) wherever they go, and not finding security, they escape (comfortably) in broad daylight and through (open) spaces, just as we saw them, and we were in suppressed anger, and they had escaped. (with the loot) from inside Khartoum (your eye is your eye) and they had reached Darfur, Chad and Niger, and neither a warplane nor artillery missiles had intercepted them (to annihilate them) with all the stolen items… so how can they receive again (the mercy) that they do not deserve, and we let them escape before our eyes and their bad blood flowing in their veins..?!!

*Now that their herds have begun to flee Khartoum, this does not mean that we should “secure” their camp, stop pursuing them and place them under close surveillance, and know (above all) where they are going and where their herds are. (Shaking) steps have settled, if they stand up. Their heads have been immediately (devoured) by the rifles of the army and all the units fighting with it, so that they know that eradicating them from our land is an irreversible option anyway, and although we know that the army is sober, we call for caution, prudence and prudence. Have we reached it, O God, then bear witness!!*

*We will write and write…!!!*

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