Ahmed Dinar.. a man from Sudan and the best in business in the Middle East!! ✍️Bakri Al Madani

*Golden International and Diamond First Line organize an annual Golden Awards ceremony for the most important businessmen and financiers in the Middle East, under the supervision of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Istanbul*

*Above is news and a well-known annual event, especially for those interested in global financial and business news*

*Now – clear the memory – create a frame – and imagine that whoever won the best gold prize this year is from the neighboring Republic of Egypt and is not going far -!*

*Imagine the Egyptian statements and positions on media platforms and country councils, that the winner of entrepreneurship in the Middle East was from Egypt -?!*

*With an imagination which, however advanced, will not reach the extent of Egyptian joy, I bring you back to Sudanese reality during the announcement of the winner, the businessman Ahmed Hussein Ayoub, for a dinar from Sudan!!*

*Some Sudanese media platforms and social networking sites were surprised and even opposed to the choice of Sultan Ahmed Dinar as the best businessman in the Middle East and began to question his history, his present and even his future as a way that was not taken into account*!!

*The difference between us and others is that they stand with any citizen outside the country, but we can stand with the outside itself against the country*!!

*Let's not choose Sultan Ahmed Dinar by international companies, the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. It is a choice for which we have no right of veto or objection, because it is made from areas of expertise. and specialization, and Sultan Ahmed Dinar was chosen according to their standards, and he was not chosen as governor nor accredited to Sudan in order to discredit the pretenders. Their barbers refused and protested!*.

*Let us not choose Sultan Ahmed as the best businessman, if it is an act that we do not know about, and be exposed to what they claim is a buffing campaign for a next role of Sultan Ahmed in Sudan*!!

*They said that Sultan Ahmed had a previous relationship with Hemedti, who in Sudan had no image, voice or history with the Daglo family from Al-Burhan to the last person?!*

*I am not aware of the claim of a previous relationship between the Sultan and Hemedti, but is the problem in the previous relationships with Daglo or in the later and ongoing relationships*?!

*It is said that there is a promotional campaign for Sultan Ahmed. Does Sultan Ali Dinar's grandson need polishing and presentation? He comes from a family with a long history and geography stretching west from Darfur and Diyar Mansour to the Ababda Desert? the East – a history and geography that shakes the land of Sudan in length and breadth!!*

*Finally – how does the best businessman in the Middle East – in fact – need promotion and polishing?! As for the story of the next round, I would like this statement to be true and I would like it to be accepted, because he does not deserve Sudan any more than the son of the Sultan*!!

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