Airstrikes in the towns of Umm Rawaba and Al-Rahad Abu Dakna cause losses in the ranks of the militia

Eyewitness sources revealed that the intense airstrikes launched by the Sudanese Air Force on the localities of Al-Rahad Abu Dakna and Um Rawaba, on the sites of the Rapid Support Militia forces, caused heavy losses in their ranks.

Eyewitnesses from the town of Al-Rahad Abu Dakna said the airstrikes could have eliminated most of the militia vehicles because they targeted them with high precision. He said that after the raid, no movement of heavily armed four-wheel drive vehicles was seen. observed, except for a small movement of a few motor vehicles which escaped and survived the airstrike.

The same sources in Al-Rahad reported that the remaining militias dispersed in the middle of the street and the market, preventing the movement of passers-by, so that citizens do not know the extent of the loss of lives and materials. militias. .

The sources indicated that the militia, through its leader Abdel Moneim Shreya, was preparing to resist the army in Umm Rawaba by bringing in (seventy) combat vehicles which were stationed in Al-Rahad. They could have been completely or largely destroyed. because Al-Rahad Street only heard the sound of anti-aircraft weapons before the first strike or after the last one. This means that this airstrike was very surprising for the militia.

In the same context, other sources in Bam Rawaba revealed that the Sudanese Air Force suffered losses in the ranks of the militia after targeting four precisely targeted strategic sites.

However, other sources in Bam Rawaba revealed that the militia's land-based anti-aircraft guns aimed their fire at the army plane and did not hit it.

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