Aisha Al Majidi writes ✍️ (Jawdat)

My absolute certainty is that Eve Al-Jaysh gave birth to her righteous son, Jawdat, with special specifications, and the rays of the morning sons revealed when Jawdat's mother screamed on the day of his graduation that her son was a light and a post in the mountains of truth, gentleness and chivalry.

Knowledge Spaces make you realize time and time again that you can read someone's face to sense what ethnicity or country that boy is from, but with Jawdat you need different viewing angles and colored lenses to know that it is a man from the Military Academy (Green Gogo)…

Every time Joudat watched a video or a photo, she discovered that she loved a country that was linked to all Sudanese by blood, a mixture of love and eyes that resembled the warmth of men's hearts.

Hanan Bloblo sings “Wad Al-Gharb” to him, with a joyful heart, and he responds with a clear face, greeted with a comforting smile and a wave (Abshari). This scene represents for me the geography of place and place. the kindness of the post and the article..

Jawdat, who remained steadfast in Nyala for months, like a lion guarding his den, was not shaken by the insults and threats of the Janjaweed, nor by the temptations of the criminal Abd al-Rahim Dagalo. let us boldly defend the West, and the Sudanese people bear witness, and even let them know, that Jawdat is above all a hero and in a respectable position…

When a photo was taken of him while he was in the processing station, the Sudanese people shared it with incredible love, warmth, sincere prayers and hidden kindness from God, despite the glories of martyrdom that he was looking for.

If the Military College had had sumptuous medals awarded out of respect and dignity, we would have proposed a medal worthy of the greatness of the General (Jawdat)…

This general gave himself, and his blood was cheap, among the public auctions of the Sudan, a sacrifice, a valor and a sacrifice for the ground he loves to sweep. At the elbow it protects, and the tongue remains meticulous in a situation that is. , to say the least, dangerous and requires personal insurance requirements, interruption of supplies and finally deep wounds, but every second it happens, it expects good news or there are details that cause something unexpected , but after that, as usual, the knights of the Military Academy are refined and connected

(No, the Malaish) waited for instructions from its leaders and became their right hand and secret command of movements and battles in all war battles…

Jawdat stays with me. He is one of the men who wrote and immortalized his name in the memory of history through blood, wounds, grievances and sweat. Prince Jawdat remains with us as a beneficial man who never betrayed and will not sell. .

Stay well…


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