Al-Bashir and his brothers will die in prison and will not be released or treated outside Sudan ✍️ Dr Essam Dakin

Dakiniyat (226)…

* Al-Bashir and his brothers will not be released from prisons, so it is not said that Al-Burhan, Kabashi, Al-Atta and Jaber are still controlled by the leaders of the old regime. Therefore, they will not be released. so that these people prove to the world that they are independent leaders who have nothing to do with the previous regime. Therefore, Al-Bashir and his brothers will die in their prison even though they are over eighty years old. If the military council releases them, Al-Burhan, Kabashi, Al-Atta and Jaber, they will not regret it and history will not forget their situation. Or if they die in prison, history will remember them as evil. just as the communists mentioned that they imprisoned the late leader Ismail Al-Azhari to death and deprived him of medicine and oxygen. They did not allow him to convert his brother Muhammad to Shiism, so he died and they mourned him. Secondary schools, Ismail Al-Azhari, died and he was stripped of the status of former Prime Minister.

O soldiers, leave it to history to remember your good humanitarian action, that their families are responsible for caring for them, feeding them and taking care of them until they are judged, and you have done good before they die in their prison. fate and destiny, but doing the work of men, as Marshal Omar al-Bashir did with the commander of Marshal Jaafar Mohamed Numeiri, the former president…

Dr Issam Dakin..

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