Al-Burhan and Khaled…a meeting of heroes after a year of horrors – Journey – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

This is the photo that brought together the President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan Top, and the Executive Director of the locality of Shindi, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, wearing a (broad) smile that combined the positions of the two men, which is an honest and (optimistic) expression of the future of the country.

This expressive image, which contains within it this (friendliness) and that (harmony), says that the days (greenhouses) were left behind by the two men after a (full) year of war that broke out in Khartoum due to internal (ambitions). ) and external (greed).

The executive director of the locality of Shendi was no more “lucky” than the head of the Sovereignty Council, despite his limited locality, but he shared the national (concern) of the head of the Sovereignty Council and carried with him the burden from (Nakh) to (Kalkala) behind his locality of Shendi.

And so that the comparison is not exaggerated in the eyes of many between a man who bears responsibility for an entire nation and a country, with its (security), (military), (economic), (political) and ( social) problems and his (foreign) relations, and he is the (first) man of the country, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan among (a man) who is the main responsible for a (locality) limited in his (area). , (needs) and the population, and part of this (responsibility) can be shared by the governor and his government in many (issues) of services and (development) projects, if there is a budget for They are Khaled Abd. Sheikh Al-Ghafar.

From the first shot, heavily armed military forces equipped with rapid support militia attacked the headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief with the intention of (getting rid of) him and taking control of the country for the benefit of (foreign powers), Al-Burhan became aware of the extent of this great conspiracy targeting the country.

He took it upon himself to save Sudan from this international and regional “conspiracy” which wanted to “swallow” the Sudanese state, with all its cultural and economic characteristics.

From the moment the Presidential Guard forces were martyred before his eyes until he left the general command and arrived in the Wadi Saydna military region, Al-Burhan has no other (concern) than to eliminate this (militia) and defeat all forces supporting it. from (from the inside) or (from the outside), taking into account all the balances and deviations that may come up against the promised victory over this oppressive group.

Al-Burhan experienced a full year of “horrors” as he fought his military battle and managed the state under extremely complex circumstances.

He and his armed forces are now in better condition than ever, and the armed forces are in their best condition.

Because Al-Burhan is the first man in the state, he is in the “spotlight.” The media, with all their means and media, focuses on Al-Burhan as the “star” of this battle (the first), in which he was able to bring part of the experience of the armed forces and bring part of the tactical (media) and (political), even if it brings the country to this advanced stage of victory over these regional and international powers.

As for the executive director of the locality of Shindi, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, he did not appreciate the media “halo” that was (spotted) on Al-Burhan, even if only a little, but he supported the consequences of this war and the and the effects that resulted from it. Because Shindi is the neighboring locality of Khartoum to the north, it has borne the burden of the influx of expatriates by the tens of thousands, it has borne their burden (economic), (social) and (security). , provided them (services), provided them (needs), and created many ideas and initiatives to face the challenges of war, such as alert camps and popular armed resistance under the division (of hearing) and (observation) of the third infantry. . He used all the media at his disposal to refute the “rumors” and reassure the population.

Just as the year of this war was (heavy) for Al-Burhan, this same year was also (the heaviest) for the executive director of the locality of Shindi, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, (endurance) and (patience) and he did not resist (helplessly), but he (invented) solutions and ideas and implemented them (better). The (product) of all this was (the reconciliation) which accompanied him throughout this year. He didn't get (bogged down) in details and did it. not (go beyond) the smallest things because the (security) situation required (vigilance) and the hand of (gaps).

The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, and the Executive Director, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, each fought on their (front) and they did well (fight) and won (results), and they met after a year of (horrors) with smiles on their faces (indicating) the clear victory and elimination of the cursed rebellion, and preserving Sudan, God willing, from anyone who is listening at the gates or is a cursed devil.

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