Al-Dabba local police dismantle network specializing in vehicle theft

Thanks to the team of detectives, the local police in Al-Dabba were able to control a network specializing in vehicle theft, consisting of three people.

Director of the Investigation Department, Captain Essam Ali Jumaa, said that what led to the seizure of this network was that a covered wagon model (2002) was stolen from the Hawawir's sons.

He added that during the investigation, the perpetrators confessed to stealing the vehicle and other vehicles. (2) The Verna vehicles have been identified and the owner of the other has not been identified.

Captain Essam confirmed that there were a number of (8) reports of stolen vehicles, of which (6) were recovered, stressing that during the investigation it was confirmed to us that this network was the one that had stolen all the vehicles.

He added that this network is a local network specializing in vehicle theft and knows the alleys, which makes it easier to steal, but the detectives were waiting for them.

The director of investigations appreciated the efforts of Fazzaa Al-Hawwar and the coordination with the police, and he called on citizens to be careful to secure their vehicles and not abandon them over long distances because the bear was not not the previous bear. He said that citizens' sense of security must be increased, and it is necessary to continue to cooperate with the police and immediately report any negative phenomena. He stressed that in his offices in Fatiha there will be a security cell with a direct line to receive all complaints and complaints. treat them immediately.

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