Al-Dabbah Executive Attends the Final of the Martyrs' Tournament of Al-Karama Battle Between Al-Karba and Badinger, Who Won Al-Afadh Qibli Al-Afadh in Al-Daba Locality, Northern State.

Under the slogan One Army, One People

Honor to the executive director of the locality, Mr. Mohamed Saber Mohamed Ahmed Kashkish, to the Security Committee and to the leader of the Popular Resistance, Mr. Azhari Al-Mubarak.

They honored the conclusion of the final of the Battle of Dignity Championship in Taha Ali Al-Bashir schools in Al-Afad region, organized by the people of Al-Afad region, and the final brought together Al-Afad Qebli, Al-Karba and Badinger.

It ended in a goalless draw and both teams resorted to penalties, which led to distress and Badinger (5/4) winning the well-deserved championship cup.

For their part, the executive director of Al-Dabbah locality and the chairman of the local security committee congratulated the dominant team and thanked both teams for the spirit of fair competition.

He stressed the complete security of the locality of Al-Dabba and that his locality is ready to face any emergency.

Mr. Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ali, Director of Ali Al-Bashir Schools and Coordinator of the Sports Course, said that the aim of the course is to appreciate and express gratitude to the martyrs of the Battle of Karma.

And confirmation of the support of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

It is worth noting that the conclusion included several singing segments during which a number of distinguished and active sons of Al-Afadh were honored, including the leader of the Popular Resistance, Mr. Azhari Al-Mubarak, the media expert, Mr. Salah Ahmed Ali, and Mr. Mubarak Hassan Abdel Hafeez, member of the General Football Federation and president of the Al-Hasahisa Union.

The championship cup, gold, silver and bronze medals, awards for top scorer, best player and best team were presented.

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