Al-Helou and the resolution of the Sudanese crisis through popular diplomacy ✍️ Al-Zein Kendwa

According to the important media statement revealed by the senior official of the South Sudan government, Tut Qalwak, in the context of the Juba agreement between (Al-Hilu – Kabashi) regarding the apparatus of SPLM-N leader, Abdulaziz Al-Hilu, for his full availability to receive popular delegations to seriously discuss the solution to the Sudanese crisis, I believe that this statement does not lack degree and importance in relation to the content of the agreement on humanitarian issues to transfer relief to remove the specter of famine from the shoulders of the Sudanese people, after the Rapid Support Militia forced them to commit the worst forms of human rights violations.

In my opinion, Comrade Abdulaziz Al-Hilu (threw) the biggest stone into a calm pond on the Sudanese crisis scene, as if he wanted to say: “Make room for us to hear the opinion of the people Sudanese regarding the problems that arise. what happens to them. » Therefore, I imagine this invitation and arrangement announced by Al-Hilu to receive popular delegations from Greater Kordofan. And in general, the states of Sudan, we have to look at them and understand them in the context where they are most. a real important entry point and comprehensive framework to resolve the Sudanese crisis in order to activate the concept of Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue, which all successive political elites failed to initiate until we reached war from April 15, 2023.

Therefore, everyone must take up the gauntlet intelligently, and here I say, oh people and governors of Greater Kordofan, you must be the first to formulate the idea as quickly as possible to form these delegations with a mechanism that takes into account specialization, and communication with the rest of the States of Sudan, provided that coordination is completed as quickly as possible. It is possible with the State of South Sudan to receive the popular delegation to meet Mr. Leader Abdulaziz Al-Hilu.

Here I suggest Mr. Tut Qalwak and Abdelaziz Helu to make great efforts to bring Comrade Abdel Wahed Mohamed Nour, the leader, head of the Sudan Liberation Army Movement, and if his presence is a guest of honor, it is important in itself. , so that an intact idea can crystallize in the future to resolve the Sudanese crisis which is worsening day by day. Therefore, I generally see what was agreed between Abdulaziz Al-Hilu and Lieutenant General Shams Al-Din Kabashi, in humanitarian matters. and the opening of safe corridors for the transportation of relief supplies, is an important entry point towards the start of a solution to the Sudanese crisis if all intentions are true, and I will be very optimistic if the meeting takes place between the Commander Abdulaziz Al-Hilu and the People's Party. delegations, because the results of the meeting will inevitably provide us with a true vision and a new historical era, to build the Sudanese state on the basis of citizenship, justice and social protection that we dream of (Yumati).

May 6, 2024

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