Al-Hilu declares war on Rapid Support and mobilizes its forces in Khor Al-Dulaib and Al-Fayd

**Kadugli, April 27, 2024: Zool net

Popular Movement leader Abdulaziz Al-Hilu has pledged to protect the entire Nuba Mountains from the rebel “Rapid Support” militia, accusing it of waging an ethnic war against the Nuba people.

Al-Hilu said in a speech to the People's Army General Staff in Kauda: “We will not allow Rapid Support to kill our citizens based on their ethnic identity.” “Our duty is to protect the people of South Kordofan, and we will cut off any hand that is extended to them. »

**Tensions intensified between Al-Helou and Rapid Support“**

This threat comes against a backdrop of escalating conflicts and threats between the “Rapid Support” militia and the Northern Popular Movement, led by Abdulaziz Al-Hilu.

Former Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok's initiative to organize an alliance to unite the “two guns” to fight the Sudanese army failed.

**18 citizens were killed in Jabal al-Dair**

Tension worsened against the backdrop of the Rapid Support militia's liquidation of 18 Nuba citizens in Jabal al-Dair, in the Sidra region, where the militia entered last week.

**Al-Helu mobilizes forces in Khor Al-Dulaib and Al-Fayd**

In response, the Al-Hilu movement mobilized its forces in the regions of Khor Al-Daleeb, Al-Fayd and Jabal Abu Sin, and appointed Major General Koko Idris, one of the fiercest fighters of the People's Army, to protect the east of the country. mountains of the expansion of the “Rapid Support” militia in the regions of Sidra and Jabal Al-Daer, located south of Al-Rahad.

**Hamdok's initiative failed**

Hamdok had launched an attempt to bring together the “two rifles”, Al-Hilu and the “Rapid Support” to fight the armed forces and overthrow the towns of Kadugli, Dilling and Boujiha.

But his attempt failed, exacerbating tensions in the region and increasing the danger.

A large-scale conflict breaks out.

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