Al-Sadiq Al-Ruzaiqi… The rapid support has completely collapsed

Al-Sadiq Al-Ruzaiqi, member of the Coordination of the Sons of Rizeigat:

We are now in full communication with the tribesmen who are within the ranks of the rebellion, and we have advised them to completely disengage from the ranks of the rebellion, and they will take a major step in the coming days.

The unanimous disavowal of the Rizeigat tribe by its leaders is nothing more than the realization by the people of the tribe that this war is not our war and is nothing more than an external agenda and that the leaders of the rebellion are nothing more than pawns on an external chessboard.

The Rizeigat tribe has been kidnapped by Rapid Support.

Rapid Support has completely collapsed and most of those fighting in its ranks are now African mercenaries.

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