Alam Shendi: Urgent plans to face post-war challenges

Alam Shendi: Urgent plans to face post-war challenges.

The General Administration of Information, Culture and Communications of Shendi Locality announced the implementation of urgent plans to deal with post-war challenges

Acting director of the department, Alam Al-Din Musa, said that the post-war period is of no less interest to the media than during the war, because the reconstruction and rehabilitation of facilities and institutions overlap, which which means many intersections in domestic work and foreign aid, which is not devoid of hidden objectives.

Alam El-Din, who chaired the periodic meeting of the administration with the participation of the Association of Media Professionals from Khartoum, called attention to improving the capacities and qualifications of media executives in accordance with to the post-war phase, where the role and importance of the media increases more than in wartime.

The meeting approved a number of emergency programs and courses aimed at acquiring skills, improving languages ​​and increasing national awareness and security levels.

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