Alcohol sellers manufacture and promote… and the common force destroys, punishes and tightens the noose.

As part of the fight against various demonstrations disrupting public security, the fight against crime and the tracking of its hideouts, a joint force of the armed forces, the police and the security and intelligence services in the locality of 'Al-Dabbah carried out an extensive security campaign. targeting several locations that represent hotbeds of negative phenomena and alcohol.

المدير التنفيذي لمحليه الدبه رئيس اللجنه الأمنيه الاستاذ محمد صابر محمد احمد خلال تفony دير قسم شرطه محليه الدبه وجهاز الامن المخابرات وضباط وضباط صف وجنود إ easy رتها كانت سوف تدخل للأسواق وتوذي الشباب وتذهب عقولهم وثمن صابر علي الذين بذلوا جهد وتوعد باستمرار مثل هذه الحملات في الأيام القادمة واضاف قائلا لكل يرغب في تصنيع الخمور أن يبحث عن منطقه اخري غير الدبه وان الدبه سوف صبح معافا من هذه الجرائم والذين تم ضبطهم سينالو جزاهم وفق the law.

For his part, Colonel Abdel Nasser Ali, second commander of the 73rd Brigade, head of the campaign, explained that it targeted 3 areas, namely Al-Inqaz, block 22 and block 24, and that its result was the arrest of 7 accused. who were drunk under section 78 and 3 defendants under section 79 from the manufacture and sale of municipal alcohol, as well as large quantities of dates prepared for manufacturing, crystal and wood heating, explaining that it is something proactive and quality, and that it is work before manufacturing. , in addition to ready-to-use manufactured wine containers.

In the same context, Major Musa Muhammad Ali, Director of the Al-Dabba Locality Police Department, confirmed that the joint forces work in a coherent and harmonious crucible and have achieved many results and eliminated many negative behaviors . to stop criminals and activities that violate the law, emphasizing the continuation of joint campaigns to combat these phenomena until their complete disappearance.

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