Alliances of young people from the tribes of North Kordofan to prevent tracks and exits ✍️ Follow-ups: Al-Zein Kendwa

#If the leaders of the Arab tribes supporting the Rapid Support Militia have the desire to improve the social fabric of Greater Kordofan, we will communicate with the Nuba to hold a reconciliation conference that will return the people of Kordofan to their ancient path…

# We decided to close the exits and paths, because all the forests from the Shikan locality and the localities of Al-Rahad Abu Dakna and Umm Rawaba to the White Nile have all become military targets, and the army must face them with aerial bombardments because they are hiding places for the weapons of the rapid support militia forces.

# We accepted the initiative of the Nazir of Hawazma, Al-Fateh Asousa, and his delegation for the dialogue on Cordofan, but their agenda was specific and their objective was to respond to the wish of the Rapid Support Forces militias and to recognize the politics of fait accompli. granting them the towns of Umm Rawaba and Al-Rahad Abu Dukna, collecting revenue from national roads outside the state and giving them all the markets and citizens' houses west of Al for free -Abyad.

# We closed the dialogue immediately after learning about the intentions of the delegation, and we demanded the expulsion of the Rapid Support Militia from the state, while classifying it as a terrorist organization, and we issued a statement for this purpose.

#The door is open to societal dialogue between the components of Greater Kordofan, and we do not accept the policy of fait accompli, oppression and injustice.

High-level youth sources within the Al-Jawama'a, Al-Badiriya and Dar Hamid tribes' federations revealed that they are holding coordination meetings during which the Al-Shuwaihat tribes , Al-Shanblah, Al-Kababish and Al-Majanin will participate, as well as all civil administrations in North Kordofan. We are in contact with them to issue a joint statement addressed to all leaders and mayors of ethnic groups in North Kordofan and South Kordofan states, and to inform them about it. of our special decision. Preventing herders from their states from crossing our areas of North Kordofan during the “journey of Nashuk and Damar” (Al-Mukharaf and Al-Masif)

A source who preferred not to give his name said: What called us to this major and unanimous social boycott are the atrocities that were committed against the Al-Jawama tribes in Umm Rawaba and its villages, Al-Rahad Abu Dakna and its villages, and the local villages of Umm Dam Haj, and major crimes were committed against the Badiriyah tribes in the locality of Shikan and the deportation of all residents of the administration of Al-Baraka as well as violations against the Darhamid and Shuwaihat tribes in North Kordofan and all tribes. of North Kordofan have not been spared from systematic violations by some ethnic groups involved in the ranks of the Rapid Support Forces militias as leaders and fighters in South and West Kordofan states, and they have led their murderous weapons towards the chests of the inhabitants of North Kordofan. Kordofan, targeting the tribes mentioned above, as well as the tribes of Nubia.

The source added that the tribal leaders who support the Rapid Support Forces militias have unfortunately not presented a clear condemnation or apology for all the crimes of looting, enforced disappearance, rape of women and executions. extrajudicial, so the tribes of North Kordofan feel that their brothers in the south and west of the valley share their grief and sorrow.

He added: “Therefore, we are now taking the necessary steps, through careful and close coordination, to issue a joint statement in which we express our total rejection of any movement of livestock on the lands of North Kordofan during the fall, and from now on. , let all our brothers who own livestock in West and South Kordofan know that this year there is no way out or safe path.

The source added that we will draft a joint letter addressed to the leadership of the Sudanese army in which we explain that we have completely closed the paths and exits, and we assure them that all forests, whether in the locality of Shikan or in Al-Rahad and Rawaba, as far as the White Nile, are all military targets which must be combated immediately and now by aerial bombardments, because they now constitute a hiding place for the weapons of the rapid support militia forces, as he said it. .

In response to a question: Why was there no social dialogue between the components of Greater Kordofan to protect common interests, land and honors? The source said: In October of the year (2023), we participated in a meeting in El Obeid at the request and initiative of the governor of Hawazma, Al-Fateh Asousa, and with him some mayors of Misseriya and Hawazma, and they asked There are five glasses in this meeting, which are the glasses of the general mosques, Dar Hamid, Badiriyah, Al-Shuyouhat and Al-Shanblah We very much welcomed this idea and we sat with them at the table of negotiations in Al-Obeid, but unfortunately their agenda was very specific, which is to fulfill only the wish of the Rapid Support Forces. , that is to say: their full recognition as the de facto authority in Umm Rawaba and Al-Rahad is imminent, they must instead be allocated all the markets and the houses of the inhabitants of the western neighborhoods of Al- Obeid as their undisputed property. and salaries should be paid to them by the state government, with fuel stations allocated free of charge, and they should be allowed to collect on national highways for their own benefit, away from state agencies. By preventing the flights from hitting them, preventing them from being arrested by the security services and releasing the people detained by the security services, the source added, despite all these arbitrary conditions, we have extended our patience due to of the need to make the dialogue a success. and we told them, first of all, that we must issue a joint statement in which we say that we, as the civil society of Greater Kordofan, must announce to all public opinion that we now have the will to engage in dialogue to resolve the problems and save the people of Kordofan from wars, and condemn all the violations that took place in general, but we were surprised that they rejected the idea at its beginning without any discussion. The source added, and we supplemented it with another statement asking: “If we reached an agreement, would you be able to sponsor its implementation by requiring the Rapid Support Forces to adhere to it?” » They replied: “We can't force them to do it? any agreement. » It was therefore natural that the principle of continuing to sit down to negotiate collapsed due to the lack of logic in the proposal and the demonstration of good intentions to reach a possible agreement.

The source said: “After their truth was revealed to us, we told them, literally, you need to hear this conversation from us. We, as the civilian administrations of North Kordofan, do not want the presence of rapid support forces at all. they must leave the borders of North Kordofan state. Instead, we will demand that the international community classify it as a terrorist organization. » He added: “We have issued a statement on this matter.

The source said: “But the door to serious dialogue remains open if the entities, notables and ethnic youth of South and West Kordofan wish to have social solutions out of respect for the common destiny, instead of 'a war without logical reason, in which what is lost is the human being of Greater Kordofan. » He added: “We do not close any door to dialogue and societal peace if the leaders of the Arab tribes involved in the ranks of the rapid support militia have the firm will to do so. » to improve the social fabric between us and others, it is then possible for us to communicate with our Nouba brothers of South Kordofan to organize a large and comprehensive “Truth and Reconciliation” conference that will bring the people of Greater Kordofan back to their first path of reconciliation.

But if the situation continues as it is now, we will certainly not accept oppression and injustice and will submit to a policy of fait accompli with the force of weapons possessed by the ranks of the Rapid Support Militia. He added that injustice and oppression. What happened to the defenseless people of North Kordofan will make them seriously think about the possibility of having a strike force parallel to the oppressors to repel the injustice against them, even after a while, and he added: “I think that now most parties have started to think about it. on protecting their land and their honor.

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