Ambassadors of Humanity (My expatriates) – Stars in the darkness of war – ✍️ Ali Al-Fateh Al-Zubair

There is a saying that we have often heard, but often overlooked.

Perhaps the main reason

For many of us, this ignores our innate connection to this land.

Its inhabitants, its soil, its plains, its valleys,

Its rivers, and even its deserts..

We breathe it, we love it…

We like it…

How much and how much we wished to never leave him

We were content with sustenance, with cover, as long as we didn't stray from it, no matter how much we were covered by its fire.

Others chose

Reluctantly, the paths of expatriation and migration

There's no love in it

But they (some of us) have realized that the job market in our country does not meet their ambition to earn a living.

Generous and creator of reality

Better for their liver

As stated in the hadith:

If you leave your heirs rich

Better than making them dependent, begging people

Give them away or ban them.

Hence the saying:

(Poverty in the homeland, its West, and wealth in the West, its homeland).

This is not an insult to the value of the country.

“That’s not an understatement.”

What he will lose

Alienated from his homeland

Of a society in which he cannot find himself…

And how we like it

He loves it..

But these are the expenses of destiny

What gives value

In one person.. and decreases in another person..

The value of building yourself

And set specific goals for our lives that impact us

Saba and youth..

Some of us succeed, and others fail.

Now I say it with my mouth full

That our brothers and sisters

Expatriates and those spread everywhere

Cities and regions of the world…

They are the real stars in the darkness of this damn war.

These are the stars who did what I couldn't

The governments of the world…

and its organizations,

And its institutions which have filled the world with noise about man and his rights.

And he formulated laws that could be lifted by mountains..!!!!

Indeed, when the sounds of rifles, cannons and launchers became louder…

The first sound that accompanies these sounds is the sound of migratory birds

My expatriates…

To check on their families

And their neighbors and their homeland.

As the battle intensified and became a war,

There are hours and days

The first war

Expats took the initiative to send their support and support

For their families, their loved ones, the poor and the sick.

Let us pray for them and for our wounded country at this hour

Maybe it's time for an answer.

at any time

Until this moment

And from that moment on

Their interest did not stop

Their support and support

And he didn't give up…

They weren't bored… and they weren't bored…

Millions of families

Who was moved and moved

And I took refuge,

God made fun of them and us

Stars in the darkness

This damn war

Its name is (Emigrants)…

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