American police are violating the free speech rights of university students and professors. Teacher: Fikri Kabbashi, Al-Amin Al-Arabi.

American police arrest dozens of students who support Palestine, sit-ins expand and repression continues. Los Angeles police arrested a student who participated in a protest in support of Palestine. US police also arrested around 140 students from two universities. protests in support of Gaza and demanding an end to the Israeli war, amid resulting clashes between police and student protesters. The pro-Palestinian student movement grew after it began at Columbia University, and the Los Angeles Police Department reported the arrests of 93 people. during a demonstration in support of Gaza at the University of Southern California, while police arrested around 50 students during a demonstration on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. The New York Times quoted police as saying: The University of Southern California said “any student protesters on campus face suspension or expulsion.”

While USC reported that the university's main campus was closed due to ongoing protests, the Los Angeles Police Department said its officers were on campus at the request of the university administration.

The American network “NBC” cited the faculty of the University of Texas who confirmed that the Gaza solidarity event did not involve any threat of violence or disruption of studies. The faculty added that members of the organization would not carry out their work, for good reason. to the military response to the student event, its violent dispersal, and the arrest of some students protesting continued US support for Israel in its war on Gaza.

However, the president of the University of Texas said the university punished protesters who ignored calls for “restraint and dispersal of the assembly,” saying the university was imposing the rules while protecting freedom of expression, according to him, the students of Columbia. New York University continues its open sit-in for 8 days to protest what it considers a genocide of the Palestinian people, and students at the university have declared they will not back down from the sit-in for a liberated Palestine up to the university. uncovers and divests all companies and institutions benefiting from the genocide, and grants amnesty to all students and professors who have been subject to disciplinary action or arrested.

The university administration gave the student protesters 48 hours to end their sit-in on campus. For his part, US House Speaker Mike Johnson called on Columbia University President Nemat Shafiq to resign unless she controls what he described as “anti-Semitic activities”. “, while the Islamic Public Affairs Council called on the United States to urge Columbia University faculty members and leaders to oppose threats to deploy the National Guard against the sit-in in solidarity with Gaza, and in the same context, American police restricted a Demonstration demanding an end to American support for Israel at the University of Texas.

Harvard University students also continue their open sit-in on campus to protest Israel's continued war in the Gaza Strip. Students sitting on campus demanded an end to American support for Israel in this war and denounced what they described as. a war of extermination against the population of Gaza. The university administration closed the campus and denied media access to the sit-in site. US network ABC reported that pro-Palestinian students at Harvard University had set up a protest camp in one of the university's squares, accusing the university of suppressing voices opposing them. denounce Israeli practices.

Meanwhile, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology continued their open sit-in to protest what they see as a genocide of the Palestinian people, and the students also launched a petition with their demands, including an end to cooperation between the university and the Israeli army, emphasizing that 70% of university students agree with this request according to a referendum organized on this subject.

Ultimately, the clear truth that the US administration must understand is that human rights, including the right to freedom of expression, are fundamental and indivisible principles. I believe this is the most difficult test a free American society will face. so that he triumphs in what he demands in terms of the application of the principles of human rights, which are among the first to implement them in the United States of America before demanding that other countries of the world are obliged to implement them. that, and losing something doesn't give it.

Professor: Fikri Kabbashi, Secretary General.

April 26, 2024 AD.

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