Amidst the celebration and welcoming of the 71st Al-Rawat Brigade, Brigadier General Mohamed Ismail bids farewell and receives Brigadier General Mohamed Al-Amin Mohamed.

In the presence of Lieutenant Colonel Al-Zein Fadl Al-Mawli Al-Zein, executive director of Al-Salam locality, the local security committee, the president and members of the popular resistance committee of Al locality -Salam, from the Director of Social Welfare of the locality and a group of community leaders from the Rawat region and the locality, the 71st Al-Rawat Brigade bid farewell to His Excellency Brigadier General Muhammad Ismail and received His Excellency Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Amin Muhammad and welcomed the celebrant. Excellency Brigadier General Mohamed Ismail was present at the audience, explaining that they were united by the army and love of the homeland. His Excellency affirmed that they were worthy of a mission to protect the land and honor, stressing that national duty obliged them to do so. provide

All they could to protect the country, Souad Brigadier General Mohamed Ismail said he got to know everyone in the locality throughout the period he spent in the locality, explaining that it was now part of the locality of Al Salam. he had never felt like a stranger among his own people in the locality.

Stating that the war will continue until the victory of the armed forces, His Excellency the Brigadier General recommended the preparations until the end of the rebellion and the criminals, and at the end of his speech, he expressed his thanks and his gratitude to the participants. , Chairman of the State Farmers Union, Mr. Abdul Baqi Al-Awad, spoke about the Commander, His Excellency Brigadier General Muhammad Ismail, explaining that he is a man of leadership in the sense of the word, and Al-Awad sent a message to the militia and its collaborators that the army was victorious despite their plots, Al-Awad urged citizens to buy weapons to protect their lands and money and support the armed forces.

Representative of the Western Sector Native Administration, Ali Aqeed, also spoke, thanking His Excellency Brigadier General Muhammad Ismail for his cooperation with everyone. He also welcomed Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Amin Muhammad Adam.

The representative of the Eastern Sector of the Native Administration, Beshara Yaqoub I, took the floor, beginning to offer his condolences to the martyrs of the Battle of Karama, expressing his thanks to Brigadier General Muhammad Ismail and welcoming His Excellency the Brigadier General Muhammad. Al-Amin.

For his part, the leader of the armed popular resistance in the locality of Al-Salam, Mr. Ahmed Haj Al-Nur, declared: “We are all one army,” beginning his speech. He then greeted the audience and said: “Mr. Ahmed, you are the right person in the right place, and we will stay with you.” » He said that Muhammad Ismail is a soldier in the true sense of the word, that he had and still hopes for a lot, and that the battle for the dignity of the Sudanese is a battle against the Sudanese people. He said the militia targets the citizen in his honor and land, and that is our battle, not the army's battle for unity. I have only seen tolerance on your part.

In his speech, Mr. Al-Zein thanked Fadl Al-Mawli for the care he gave to the mobilized by providing them with clothes and money.

For his part, Mayor Ibrahim comes

We are with the army, but at the same time we are an army. He greeted the celebrant and said the situation in the locality requires the forces to be on alert.

Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Amin, Commander of the 71st Al-Rawat Brigade, greeted everyone and said: “I wish Brother Muhammad Ismail success in commanding the 69th Al-Duwaim Brigade, an area that needs him a lot.

His Excellency explained that the citizen is targeted for his money and his honor, and that much is expected of popular resistance, and this has happened, and we are always looking for more. His Excellency added that his heart is open to everyone. he will cooperate with everyone to protect the land and the homeland from any coming wind.

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Al-Zein Fadl Al-Mawli, executive director of Al-Salam locality, began his speech with the phrase “We are all one army” and, praying for the armed forces, greeted all the participants and said: “We bid farewell to a dear brother and welcome a dear brother.” Al-Zein said that the locality, after God, is guarded by its Sudanese armed forces and that all regular forces and popular resistance have given good news. that the forces do not need to be rushed, the army is working day and night and victory is near. He said: “The people of peace are men and sons of men, and its sovereignty challenges the fifth column and the enemy. He concluded by directing his speech towards the fifth column with the phrase “try it, you can”.

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