An early warning siren from the Blue Nile region dialysis center ✍🏾 Khaled Muhammad Ahmed Qazwa

Since the outbreak of this cursed war, Khartoum State, Al-Jazeera State and parts of Sennar State have been affected!!

After the medical situation was assessed and an official decision was issued, making the Blue Nile region emergency zone number (1) in Sudan, due to the situation in the region.

And the level of security in all governorates in the region

Based on this, the regional government began to develop an emergency emergency plan and work to receive all emergency cases in all hospitals in the region, including the injured and sick.

This has led to a rush of patients for treatment services, especially those with chronic illnesses.

The best example of this is the dialysis center in the region, where the center has remained keen to provide distinguished therapeutic services and receive all cases of dialysis patients and emergency cases coming from Sinja, Sennar, Madani, Khartoum and other regions, where everyone was able to benefit from the provision of therapeutic and medical services by regular teams at the rate of three per day except on Fridays only, and at the head of this work was the driving of the inflatable boat.

The Brilliant / Dr. Muhammad Ali and the Angels of Mercy under his leadership

Al-Mitron/Marawi, Abeer, Zainab and the rest of the unique contract, where they spent the night in order to provide distinguished therapeutic services, which will remain for them a beacon that will illuminate a day when money and children will no longer be of no use. to use.

Today, faced with this situation, we are sounding the alarm, saying that there is a very serious shortage of washing solutions, which has led to the development of an urgent plan to reduce the number of laundry , with a wash next week, and that's not a good indicator.

Of course, this affects the condition of some patients!!

And you, I know, know the extent of the suffering of dialysis patients, if the number of dialysis decreases, Our Lord, this leads to the appearance of health complications which lead to the loss of lives that are precious and dear to us.

We therefore turn to the regional government

We whisper in the ear of the region's Minister of Health and tell him that the dialysis center must provide solutions to guarantee the continuity of health services to patients and those arriving from war-affected states.

We also whisper in the ears of caring people in the region within the Chamber of Commerce, leaders and employers of the need to help support the region's renal center.

We also call on the Minister of Health to conduct a field visit to the dialysis center to determine on the ground what is needed as the Khareef season approaches, which may have affected the roads, making it difficult delivery of dialysis equipment to the region. Additionally, emergency dialysis cases are increasing at the rate of three to four cases each week, warning of imminent danger that requires… Defending it through research and the need to involve Nile University Blue and the organizations that work there. in the field to discuss the causes of the problem

We continued to sound the alarm to be an antenna before danger arises and to inform everyone of the requirements of the medical emergency phase in the region so that we and you can provide what the citizen and the renal patient in particular need.

We confirm that the center lacks certain therapeutic gaps supporting solutions

In addition to providing gasoline for the generator

Our concern is to raise the voice of kidney disease patients and strengthen the medical emergency situation in the region in order to raise the level of early preparedness and cope with the health situation.

Captain Mustanfar

Khaled Muhammad Ahmed Qazawa

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