An economic reading of the repercussions of the war 1 ✍️ Dr Haitham Muhammad Fathi

After a year, the most important thing is that Sudanese exports have decreased

By around 60% with the closure of the most important airport, Khartoum, and the cessation of work of most dry ports and border trading points, with disruptions to supply chains resulting from the war, which led to a decline in hard currency export earnings.

Sudan's gold production fell from 18 tonnes to 2 tonnes, resulting in a loss of gold export revenue, which is equivalent to 50% of exports, worth $2 billion.

The banking sector is also considered one of the biggest losses of the economic war, since 100 branches of banks operating in Sudan were looted, robbed and destroyed, and the percentage of looted funds reached more than 38% in banks from Khartoum. the capital only. The Central Bank of Sudan was not spared from these sabotage operations, which caused it to suffer from a serious lack of liquidity. Many banks began to suffer from the problem of managing their debts, after the destruction of large companies that had borrowed large sums from them. and looted, which has presented Sudanese banks with a problem in… The recovery of these debts, which negatively affects the banking sector

After a year of war, some studies estimate that the direct and indirect economic costs to the Sudanese economy amount to more than $100 billion, with the shutdown of 70% of economic activity in Sudan.

The number of displaced people reached 10 million 700 thousand people, which is considered a displacement in the world. Overall, the war in Sudan represents a huge burden on the Sudanese economy, as it has caused the deterioration of economic infrastructure, high unemployment rates and worsening food security. Restoring economic growth and stability in Sudan requires major efforts to rebuild infrastructure and increase investment. , and support the agricultural and industrial sectors.

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