An explanatory statement regarding a statement issued by a member of the rapid support militia called Taj al-Din Abkar Khamis

Like other Sudanese, we saw a statement issued by a member of the Rapid Support Militia, called Taj al-Din Abkar Khamis Suleiman, who lives in the West Soba region, claiming that he had deposed President Mustafa Tambour and appointed himself to his post. place. Through this statement, we wish to confirm the following:

1/ Al-Mazkur above has no connection with the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Mustafa Tambour, and he is officially registered in the Rapid Support Terrorist Militia.

2/ The movement renews its firm commitment to fight alongside the Sudanese Armed Forces in the battle of Karama, and we will never deviate, whoever wants it and my father from my father.

3/ We asked the security services to monitor the movements of the propagandist Taj al-Din, who operates among the Rapid Support elements, particularly between the regions of Soba and Mayo.

4/ We call on the masses of the Sudanese people not to pay attention to these malicious rumors which aim to distract public opinion from the great victories won by our armed forces in the defeat of the rebels.

Live for the honorable martyrs

And a speedy recovery to the injured

Leader / Inshrah Ali, the arrival of the dear

Military spokesperson for the Sudan Liberation Movement forces, led by Commander Mustafa Tambour.

Wednesday April 24, 2024

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