An initiative to treat injured civilians.(2) ✴️ Another angle ✴️ ✍️ Dr. Amna Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-Imam

Accidents and injuries are considered one of God's sudden destinies that a person does not expect and require quickness of movement and action. The best example of this is war wounds, which are treated by large, mobile and advanced hospitals, doctors and doctors. Field medical personnel trained for the military, as for civilians, are supported by emergency services which have specific specifications and a specific working environment. They provide free emergency medicines that can save a person's life. injured far from his family and acquaintances. The majestic city of El-Obeid, thank God, is doing well thanks to the firmness and solidarity of its government, its army, its regular agencies and its citizens, but the gaps, the defects must be filled . corrected and appropriate planning to manage the crisis in all areas, particularly in the health sector.

The increasing pressure on the emergency department of Al-Obeid University Hospital has significantly affected the level of service delivery despite the diligence and excellence of its medical administration. We understand the complexity of sourcing and delivering medications to the city, but this issue requires more effort from the municipality. state government and health institutions. We are optimistic about the General Director of North Kordofan State Health Insurance and we hope that he will take health insurance. Its normal status is in the state health system and this will make a positive difference in improving the treatment service. for the insured.

*The Fund for the Treatment of Wounded Civilians is an absolute necessity*#

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