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The news I published regarding the meeting of the executive director of Shindi locality, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, with professors Abed Sayed Ahmed and Abdel Azim Saleh, who are two of the “luminaries” in the field of labor ( media).

I did not expect that this news would provoke this (interaction) from my colleagues, especially from the Khartoum River Nile Media Association (group), which is a group that includes names that carry weight in the national media, and in the news itself. supports the idea of ​​the association.

Professor Tawdad Ezz El-Din, who belongs to the Armed Forces Radio, to my knowledge, mentioned this in his commentary (with all due respect to the author of the article and the names in it mentioned).

First, these names were mentioned in (news) and not in (article). As far as I know, there is a big difference between (news) and (article), and the media person who does not differentiate between them can be referred. to Dr Adel Mahjoub, professor of media at Sudanese universities, to explain the difference between the two. He had plenty of time.

She courted and focused on a (former) manager as if she had discovered gold, or as our people from the north of the valley say (she got Delo's dog. The word (Delo) means (its tail) and in). Sudanese (Danbu).

Muhammad Ali Saeed shared this point, and he is perhaps distinguished from Tawdad by many differences which she does not know, but we know them, and the word (previous) could have been mentioned, which reinforces the idea that this meeting which took place between the CEO and the brothers Abed and Abdel Azim is that they have experience in the field of media (Readable) and (Visible) and it is (the horse stud) .

As for Sister Iman Al-Habre, she said: “The meeting was just a passing moment and has no connection to the media, to my knowledge. »

And Iman Al-Habre, who always wears his glasses on his head, perhaps sees through the eyes of others. Yes, the meeting may have been fleeting, but it has a media connection that needs no mention. tiban,” and that’s what was mentioned in the news. It seems that Dr. Adel Mahjoub was fed up with Ali Iman's response in his comment on this meeting and said that regardless, the Executive Director was (enlightened) by. (their opinions), and that is Dr. Adel's word (truth), but he may have meant something else by that, and we are not saying he meant (false) because he added that this matter comes in He framed (enlarged) the Caiman then looked into the performance of the association and had a prior opinion on its performance.

In fact, and truth be told, as the president of the Khartoum Media Association told Shindi, Elias Abdel-Rahman, the two brothers Abed and Abdel-Azim came to the locality to meet the weak person with the aim of to say hello and greetings to him before their departure for Port Sudan, I thanked them for this act and gave them the opportunity to meet the Executive Director through Brother Walid Al-Fahal, one of the personalities of the local media, who welcomed them and the meeting was an opportunity to discuss the media. questions and enlighten the Executive Director with their opinions, as mentioned by Dr Adel Mahjoub in his commentary on current events which concluded this session.

These comments on current events reminded me of the poet Abu Al-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi, whose poems sparked controversies and debates among other poets, especially his competitors, like Abu Firas Al-Hamdani, because there replied with his well. -known poem.

The sword, the horses and the desert know me

And the sword, and the paper, and the pen.

Until he responded to his rivals' arguments about his poems by telling them.

I sleep with eyelids full of stray animals

People stay up late and argue.

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