And if the island,,, was requested!!!!!!!!! (1) ✍️ Ali Al-Fatih Al-Zubair

Many questions, speculations, misinformation and surprises accompanied the fall of much of our beloved Gezira State to thugs and the Rapid Support Forces, after its forces became groups of criminals, killers hired workers, who directly targeted the Sudanese people. . Abuse, torture and murder.

And the displacement, and the goal is to carry out the plan to empty entire towns and villages for the benefit of their project and their fundamental objective for which the idea of ​​establishing these forces was born, and allowing them, as well as 'to their leaders, to seize decision-making power. centers following the events that overthrew the government of Al-Bashir, and this with our knowledge or our ignorance or both!!!!

It should be noted that I was in the state of Al-Jazeera, in the town of Al-Hasahissa, and in the village of Abu Faroua, located approximately 7 kilometers north of the town.

Which I have gotten into the habit of visiting again and again since our first trip, from Khartoum, after the fighting raged there.

This is due to the temporary working conditions during this difficult time which continue to plague us for the rest of our lives.

The truth is that I was an eyewitness to the military and security precautions that were taken in all their forms.

What we are used to…

Which was not hidden from anyone.

In all entrances and exits of Al-Jazeera State, in all its localities, towns and villages, especially those that targeted the movement of people and travel.

From the bases and checkpoints, close to each other, and as we knew, they stopped us for long periods without annoying or bothering us, because (that is, these procedures)

This has brought us a high degree of comfort and a sense of security and military stability in this precious part of our beloved homeland.

However, certain observations and positions stopped me and I alerted certain leaders of the regular forces with whom I was in contact due to friendship, kinship or acquaintances.

“I am keen, like any citizen, to be part of the system (security is everyone’s business)…”

One of these situations is that I am…

I felt the danger of the unlimited demand for renting apartments, houses and even farms, at prices difficult for the majority of our mourners, but there are people who come to rent and pay ridiculous sums.

Their owners are drooling to obtain these houses, apartments and farms… and this despite the absence of any procedure obliging both parties to document these transactions and to inform the police stations or security agencies, with information on the residents or users of these facilities and properties.

At that time, I didn't just warn the regulars I knew, on top of that

I have been informed via social media of a number of advisories and warnings

For a large segment of users of these media, it seems that greed, temptation, and personal gain are increasingly important to many over security and stability.

A precious piece of our beloved homeland.

Everyone was putting all their weight behind

The armed forces and security services must maintain security and safety of land, honor and money. It was and still is a danger present at every moment.

We call this a “safe zone” inside our wounded homeland.

We must change our conceptions and behaviors and increase our awareness of imminent danger.

We cooperate to contribute side by side

With everything that would put an end to this bitter reality, which we hope will not last much longer…

A philosopher said:

(If you only hear what the sounds produce!!! And you only see what the lights reveal!! Then you neither hear nor see)

…….. To be continued, God willing

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