And the leaf of the mulberry tree fell – Signs – ✍️ Rashid Abdul Rahim

Sheikh Musa Hilal's stance on Rapid Support and his announcement of his support for the Sudanese army exposed the nudity of Rapid Support and laid it bare before the people.

The panic that struck the Janjaweed following Sheikh Musa's announcement revealed to the population their true nature, namely that they constitute a racist tribal group made up of a tribe from several countries.

The Chadian ambassador was deprived of Sheikh Dathar's diplomatic position and good expression, and he stupidly talked about Sudan.

Secretary Doudou Abdullah Khatri, Ambassador to the Chadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said with emotion: “No one in the modern era has stabbed the Arabs with a dagger of treason like Sheikh Musa Hilal did. This position will remain a shame. the positions of position with the other against the component of the self. Rapid support is the project of existence of this nation. We will continue the rest of the way with the support of unity of belonging.

It did not take long for the Janjawids from the racists, and their tribal conference held in Al-Daein under the name of (Executive Office for the Indigenous Administration of the Emirates of the Mahamid Tribe) did not take long to stir up the ugliness of racism and to call for war. Their spokesperson said: “By God, we will be martyred anywhere, with the rapid support we sent to him. »

He continued the discussion on tribal conflicts and the call for war (We are against this army, and by God we will fight them, and by God this Sudan will receive rapid support in Port Sudan).

Shamelessly, it was not late for this birth and trade in war and national treason, so their spokesperson, Rasha Awad, came out to support the Janjaweed and recall Musa Hilal's accusations from the Criminal Court international, which the Court failed to prove. .

The shameless media did not hesitate to support their military patron, and therefore published a ridiculous claim claiming that the Sudanese Ministry of Defense had signed an agreement with Musa Hilal to combat the rapid support.

Because the goal was satisfactory, they forgot that Musa Hilal is a historical enemy of Rapid Support and that he does not need money.

They are the ones who buy and sell themselves with money, and they only understand situations through the logic of buying and selling.

Sheikh Musa's position clearly revealed the facts and confirmed, through their panic at his speech, the truth of the racist tribal war started and led by the Janjaweed and Rizeigat leaders and supported abroad, led by Chad and non-Chadians.

This cry indicates that the militias are losing their reserve of fighters from their tribe every day after being abandoned by those who do not doubt their ancestry to their tribe.

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