And there you have it, the island was divided! – From the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

Al Jazeera is now talking about a completely different hell than the one the Janjas prayed for when they first entered. It is a strange four-sided hell, a hell above them, to their right and to their left, which is the fire that engulfs them every time from the armed forces, and another Hell from the guy (Abu Kudis)! It comes from under them, but it leaves no one among them because of the conflicts that have arisen between their different parties and entities.

Clashes and battles take place in different areas of the island, most of them taking place in the northeast after the assassination of Kikel's brother, who wanted to win a unique national championship!! He was killed because of (a sick person who wanted to cure him from the one who cured him)!!

The militia factions have refrained from fighting in order to preserve a civilian, in particular because they have not paid their salaries and the money they had promised to those who recruited them and integrated them into their ranks , what they did not hold, and the lack of supplies, and the anger at the flight of leaders unable to function and leaving them with commanders they considered (Yay's assistants)!! They don't respond to their requests, and another reason is that they don't trust Kikel. All of these reasons caused them to fight each time, leaving me dead and injured.

Janja Al-Jazeera does not have a unified leader, but rather several group leaderships. Each leader has his own isolated island, and his enemy is not only the armed forces, but the biggest enemy is the other militias that they fear. Kikel would attack them every time. Kikel completely failed to gather their weak strings, and he himself was afraid of them and took precautions for them from time to time.

From my platform, I watch… because I see that the pace of the armed conflict between the Ganges will accelerate in the coming days on the island in light of the violent peripheral pressure exerted by the armed forces and the eagles of the air which monitors their movements and the differences which have appeared between them and are accentuated each day, we can therefore say: The island has fallen on them (with crushing and affliction of successive combats)! Oh my God, increase and bless!!

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