Anniversary of the death of Muhammad Muftah al-Fitouri, death of a poet – Something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

April 24, 2015, a sad day for Arabic poetry, because the poet of Africa and Arabism, Muhammad Muftah al-Fitouri, left us, leaving behind an immense literary legacy rich in national and human feelings. He was distinguished by his innovative poetic style. , varying between rhyme, rhyme and prose, mixing Arab heritage and African culture, his poetry expressed the concerns of the Arab world and questions of freedom and justice, inspiring generations with his revolutionary spirit and his struggle to free Africa from colonialism .

Al-Fitouri was born in 1936 in Sudan and grew up in a rich cultural environment, where he memorized the Holy Quran and learned Arabic and French. He immigrated to Egypt in 1958 to complete his studies at Cairo University and then there. his star became a creative poet and he published his first collection, “Chansons d'Afrique” in 1955.

Al-Fitouri enriched the Arabic library with numerous poetic and prose works, the most famous of which are: “A lover of Africa”, “Remember me, Africa”, “A piece for a wandering Darwish”, “ A tribute to the martyr. » and “Berlin Diaries”. He also wrote the play “Omar Al-Mukhtar” and the anthem “Oh my country, you are my love”.

Al-Fitouri's creativity emerged in his poetic creativity, as Al-Fitouri is considered one of the pioneers of the revival school of modern Arabic poetry. His poetry was characterized by innovation and experimentation with language, phrasing and themes, while preserving the music. and the aesthetic values ​​of Arabic poetry. His poetry was distinguished by the use of symbolism and rich rhetorical images, inspired by his Arabic and Islamic culture, which gave his poetry intellectual and philosophical depth and meaning. from love, alienation and patriotism to freedom, justice and peace, expressing the concerns of Arab and international people. His poetry varied between long and short poems, stanzas, ghazals and laments, which indicates his creative ability and poetic techniques. mastery.

Al-Fitouri is an intellectual and theorist, and he has numerous articles and intellectual studies dealing with various Arab and international issues, from politics and philosophy to culture and literature. His fight for freedom and democracy was important, and he fought against tyranny and literature. oppression, which made him a symbol of intellectual resistance and the fight for social justice. He believed in the importance of civilizational dialogue between different cultures and worked to strengthen understanding and tolerance between people.

Al-Fitouri was a prominent cultural icon and he earned the admiration and appreciation of many Arab and international intellectuals and creators. His creativity and ideas have inspired many generations of poets, writers and thinkers, and his works have been translated into many international languages. This is why Al-Fitouri is considered an important Arab cultural symbol, which has greatly contributed to enriching Arabic literature and human thought.

Muhammad Muftah Al-Fitouri was distinguished by unique personal qualities. He distinguished himself by his literary courage in expressing his opinions and positions, even if they contradicted public opinion. Despite his fame and status, he was distinguished by his humility and love for others. He was also distinguished by his noble human feelings and his love of good and justice.

Al-Fitouri died at the age of 79, leaving behind an immortal literary legacy. He has won numerous awards and recognitions and gained the admiration and appreciation of readers and critics in the Arab world and around the world. Al-Fitouri's words are still alive in the hearts of his fans, repeated by generations as a symbol of revolution and revolution. fight for freedom. His death is commemorated every year, with events and seminars held to honor his literary achievements and highlight his influence on Arabic poetry.

Muhammad Muftah Al-Fitouri will remain a symbol of committed poetry, a poet who expressed the concerns of his nation and fought for its liberation. His body is gone, but his poetic spirit is immortal in his words which will continue to inspire future generations. Muhammad Muftah Al-Fitouri is considered an exceptional and unique personality, who left a rich cultural and intellectual legacy that enriches Arab and international life.

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