Armed Popular Resistance in White Nile State stages protest against foreign interference in the country's internal affairs

Today, after Friday prayers in the towns of Kosti and Rabak, the Armed People's Resistance of White Nile State organized a demonstration to denounce foreign interference in internal affairs and the authorization of the armed forces of lead the country at this point.

This with broad participation of all citizens of the state, leaders of popular action and large crowds of devotees.

Dr. Abu Ubaida Omar Ajabin, executive director of Kosti locality, confirmed during his speech to the participants of the demonstration in front of the buildings of the locality that Kosti locality supports and authorizes the authorization of all armed forces led by General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan. and the Sovereignty Council to lead this stage and cross the country safely. He praised His Excellency Mujahid Omar Al-Khalifa Abdullah, Governor of the state, for his sponsorship of popular mobilization and resistance programs, he said. safe and stable and that the various security services fulfill their role in the required manner, emphasizing that this war imposed on Sudan is behind foreign, regional and international powers who do not want good for the country, but we renew our declaration according to which the people have had their say and rallied behind their armed forces and given them full authorization to manage the affairs of Sudan, commending all sections of society in the state for their strong stance against foreign puppet powers who are trying to seize the country's assets.

For his part, Mr. Ismail Nawai Al-Sayyed, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Armed Popular Resistance in White Nile State, said that the intention of organizing this demonstration is to send messages to the whole world that are conspiring against the Sudanese people. and its armed forces, and we tell them that the Sudanese people are a bloc behind the armed forces and that the White Nile is the state of jihad and that the martyred Sudan will not come before him, and that we are all fighting against the traitors and the rebels. , and the conspirators from different countries of the world who mortgage themselves to the evil state, the Emirates, which does not want Sudan to enjoy security and stability, affirmed that all citizens of the state stand alongside the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, and declared that the resistance The People's Republic of Bahr Abyad supports the leader and authorizes him to govern this stage accompanied by the honorable leaders of the Armed Forces.

Furthermore, engineer Adam Bashir Al-Helu, leader of the popular resistance in the locality of Kosti, expressed his gratitude for the active participation of citizens at this stand. He said today was to support the young armed forces that guard our money and blood. launched a call for support in the name of popular resistance from a sea of ​​white with full authorization for the armed forces to move in and manage the country in this period.

A number of citizens who participated in the protest and were interviewed by radio confirmed their full support for the armed forces to manage Sudan's affairs at this stage. They chanted slogans and phrases authorizing and supporting the armed forces to end human rights violations. rebel militias and foreign forces of oppression who aspire to seize the property of the Sudanese people.

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