(Army) Diplomacy to Detonate Hostile Plans – Race in Politics – ✍️ Al-Tarifi Abu Naba

The arrival of representatives of countries and leaders from the African and international environment and their news regarding Sudan are a good indication that the presidency, represented by the army, is advancing on all fronts militarily and politically, despite the setbacks that occur from time to time. … The visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister and the Saudi Foreign Minister confirms the maturity and rationality of the government that authorized this visit, especially regarding the timing… I do not really disagree with the analyzes and readings that have confirmed that there is something invisible in these visits and that the meetings carry undisclosed secrets. However, with a rational vision, we see that the government's meetings with international officials have come, for the first time, to serve the state and its plans to dry up the economy. sources of rebellion and impose state sovereignty, and has produced multiple problems for the international community, which knew that control belonged to the army and that protection and empowerment would now only pass through the ruling state… This revealed that Sudanese diplomacy was not affected by the war and has not been weakened despite the miserable attempts of rumor mongers in the country and mercenaries who are trying to take advantage of the war against cities and states affected by the war… More important than that is the opening of lines with other countries and international institutions. What has been published about the arrival of the Russian president in Sudan and the government's negotiations with Iran and Japan, even if they have not been successful, have confused the calculations of hostile countries that support militias to pass cheaply. plans to divide the country….

Al-Burhan and his government scored a golden goal and recorded a crushing victory over the society hostile to the security of the homeland, and they put “Taqaddum” and its popular supporters in the crosshairs after undermining their movements aimed at convincing specific countries in response to stop the war, extend the life of the brutal support and its return in a stronger form after organizing its various ranks…

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