Arquette Conference…. Constitutional positions are on the way ✍️ Muhammad Othman Al-Radi

During these hours, the Arquit Conference will be held in the Red Sea State, prepared and supervised by the Beja sons working in the Public Service Initiative.

The objective of this conference is to catch up on power sharing, form the next government, win a seat on the sovereign council and obtain ministerial portfolios and advanced administrative positions.

This conference, in its current form, does not respond to the ambitions and aspirations of the people of eastern Sudan, but rather the ambitions and aspirations of those responsible for them.

Real reconciliations are those that come from the rules and the majority of real stakeholders who footed the costly bill.

The superficial connections made on overhead cranes are not beyond their engineers and thinkers and will quickly collapse and disappear because they are not built on real and stable foundations.

A small group led by Eastern Sudan alone, doing what it wants, getting closer to who it wants and pushing away who it wants, has not and will not bring real peace.

Those who have vested interests and love power and positions have not and will not succeed because they seek to jump on the skulls of innocent people and exploit their ignorance and kindness for their own gain.

Eastern Sudan's problem is not its people, but rather its leaders who speak in its name without authorization.

Eastern Sudan will remain in poverty, ignorance and disease because of these previously tested leaders in the various successive governments in power in Sudan.

Our sons and brothers who work in the public service, the people of Beja, have the initiative. Don't worry or worry. We appreciate your effort and you'll have a slice earmarked for the next salad cake. you won't be a scapegoat when the salad cake is shared by the adults.

There is a cracked record that some people kept repeating, knowingly or unknowingly (Go, accept and come, so we will give you your right to power and wealth. Today, agree, we will see what your share will be of power and wealth). be.

The situation in Eastern Sudan has not changed and will not change except through sincere and selfless hearts who work selflessly, without worrying about power and wealth.

The Arquit conference has not and will not improve the situation in eastern Sudan, and this will be proven in the coming days.

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