Aseel Holding Group resumes production in Omdurman

Aseel Holding Group has resumed production in the city of Omdurman after a year and more of shutdown due to the war that broke out in Khartoum.

The group's press office said that resuming work in factories that have stopped producing will advance the Sudanese economy, confirming the slogan of a hand that rebuilds and a hand that bears arms until the end. hour of victory.

The media office said in a brief statement that the management of the Aseel industrial group confirmed that the return of production turnover would be stronger than before.

The press office reported that the group works in the production of various food products, fruit juices, mineral water, soap and detergents.

The group has introduced new lines in the poultry production, packaging and paper industries.

He stressed that the group's subsidiaries that moved to the states due to the war will continue to work there to promote development and cover the needs of the state and nearby states in order to reduce transportation costs and reduce the number of intermediaries. so that the merchandise reaches a price within the reach of the consumer.

It should be noted that the Aseel Holding group belongs to engineer Yasser Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hassan Kambal.

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