Aswan Consulate Clarifies Basic and Intermediate Exam Eligibility Fee Details

Following questions and inquiries from some parents of students examining primary and intermediate certificates this year, on the examination fees, according to what was reported by the consulate and who was proctored, and according to what was reported by the Presidency of Examinations and the In Nile State, to which the examinations of external centers are submitted, it was agreed on an amount of 60 US dollars or its equivalent in the local Egyptian currency, in addition to a amount of 3,000 Egyptian pounds for each student examined.

Ambassador Dr. Abdul Qadir Abdullah, Consul General in Aswan, said that: “According to the system in force since 2001, the start of the exit of the primary and intermediate stage examinations and the Sudanese certificate examination towards external centers, the fee is paid to the state or federal Department of Education, as applicable, for each seat number.

The cost of establishing and equipping the center, the rights of teachers supervising the examinations from Sudan, their travel, accommodation and residence, as well as the rights of observers and officials of the center, including teachers, workers and services. , are distributed. This cost is divided between the number of students present for each exam.

Last year, in 2023, we started the basic examination procedures with Khartoum State, and the fee, depending on the number of students in the center, was 170 dollars and 3,000 Egyptian pounds for every student. The Federal Ministry of Education agreed with Gezira State and sent the exams to external centers instead of Khartoum State.

Due to the increase in the number of students appearing for the exam due to the entry of a large number of families into Egypt and the fee reduction requested by Gezira State, $95 was reimbursed for each student who paid fees to Khartoum State.

In this year 2024, and due to the small number of students appearing for the exam, the fee has been set at 60 dollars or its equivalent in Egyptian pounds, of which the seat number fee is ($40) and the fee for the teacher from Sudan costs 20 dollars, while the sum of (3,000) Egyptian pounds is used to cover other expenses of the examination center.

His Excellency Ambassador Abdul Qadir said that the small number of students taking the exams, the right of the professor supervising the exam coming from Sudan, his travel, accommodation and residence expenses, and the right of observers and Center managers, including teachers, workers and services, to distribute this cost among the number of students present for each exam, required candidates to contribute an amount of 3,000 Egyptian pounds.

Note that the examination procedures at the Aswan Governorate Examination Center have solved many of the problems of students taking their exams in Cairo, in exchange for the hassle that comes with traveling and the travel and transportation costs of the examined students and their companions, in addition to accommodation. , food and internal transportation, while noting the psychological and security aspects of the examined student and his family, due to his distance from the family and the stable climate he enjoyed and lost due to the distance from the Cairo exam center.

His Excellency the Ambassador wishes success and success to the exam students and would like to reassure parents that one of the most important priorities of the Consulate and its employees is to take care of the members of the community, their families and their children. and that the doors of the Consulate and the various means of communication are available for any requests for information or questions on any subject of interest to the community.

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