Azhari Al-Mubarak meets with organizations supporting the armed forces and calls on them to organize with the Sudanese Popular Resistance

The leader of the Sudanese Popular Resistance, Professor Azhari Al-Mubarak, held numerous meetings in Port Sudan, where he exchanged visits with a number of leaders of the indigenous administration and symbols of entities supporting the armed forces, who praised the efforts of Azhari Al-Mubarak. -Mubarak and the great support he provides to support the armed forces and all regular forces through his presidency of the Sudanese Popular Resistance.

Al-Mubarak met with the Nazir of Al-Falata, the Nazir of Al-Ja'aleen, the Rashaida and the Nile and Shindi Popular Resistance, while he received the Nazir Turk, the head of the Supreme Council for the East. provinces, and Ahmed Al-Saleh Salha, head of the Kordofan Authority for Support to the Armed Forces.

Mr. Ammar Abdel-Wahab, official spokesperson for the President of the Sudanese Popular Resistance, explained that the meetings led by Mr. Azhari Al-Mubarak emphasized the nationalism of the Popular Resistance and its openness to all regions of Sudan, in support and support of the armed forces in the defeat of the rebel militia Rapid Support and its incubators.

Stressing that Al-Mubarak welcomed all the delegations, calling on all organizations and groups supporting the armed forces to organize and unite their efforts with the national popular resistance to fight with money and men under the banner of armed forces in the battle for dignity.

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