Badiriyah, a bright history, national positions and important messages ✴️ Another angle ✴️ ✍️ Dr. Amna Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-Imam

The gathering organized by the Badiriyah tribe, with its different facades, in the town of Al-Obeid, locality of Shikan, has its importance and significance. Al-Budayriyah has a clear imprint on the modern history of Sudan, and (Shaikan) is nothing. but an icon of an important era that brought about a fundamental transformation in

His political career.

The Badiriyah are one of the ancient tribes distinguished by the strength of their social fabric and their respect for customs and traditions. They are a tribe known for their tolerance, acceptance and respect for others, and this is clearly seen in the welcome they give to those affected. war and natural factors of neighboring states on its lands, pastures and water resources in recent years and provided them with good hospitality and generosity.

The Badiriya regions, like other regions of the state, were not spared from the scourge of this war and provided a number of martyrs, wounded and prisoners, both civilian and military, and are unfortunately still part of the population of Badiriya. hosted on their lands represent incubators for rebels who train themselves to bite the hand that extends to them.

At this stage, Al-Badiriyah must unite, stand in solidarity and align behind the armed forces, and prepare the youth to protect the land and honor, to defend national values ​​and the need to preserve national history of the tribe and its great roles throughout history. This was confirmed by the Popular Encouragement Program to Support the Armed Forces, which Al-Badiriyah organized to confirm their support and support for the Armed Forces as well as their rejection and denunciation of attacks and transgressions militias against the rebels. .

Coordination, harmony and cooperation among Badiriya community institutions, including officers, mayors, supervisors and a union, is considered one of the most important aspects of leadership of this authentic tribe.

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