Beat and shout loudly – the session is a homeland – ✍️ Ahmed Muhammad Al-Hassan Othman Shindi

I send a national salute to all the brave heroes of the people of my country who are protecting the nation at a time when other agents were selling the matter cheaply.

Today, the Sudanese people and their regular forces are fighting in all directions to free the country from the filth of the rebellion of brutal support militias backed by the political arm, shameless and impure agents who roam the countries searching for of an outcome that will bring them and the militias back to the scene after lighting the fire of war.

Today, the strike is more severe to clean up certain parts of the country and the voice of the cries is louder than that of the rebel militias and their collaborators. The Arm of Lies put the Jelly Refinery just around the corner to shame after a siege like the radio epic.

Green Island will soon, God willing, join the ranks of victories

Treacherous marches will not stop progress and victories on the battlefield, but rather will increase the determination of men to rush to a decisive conclusion.

The Battle for Dignity is an epic tale of redemption and sacrifice in the face of a fierce campaign by external actors, exploiting the agents and traitors of our own people to implement their poisonous agenda to tear Sudan apart and destroy fragment it into mini-states so that it can be destroyed. is easier to digest and plunder its riches and good things thanks to them.

The louder the cries, the more they know that the hour of victory is near, that the enemy has perished and that his masters' attempts to save his sick body have failed.

Tomorrow, many countries, groups and individuals will change their minds and look to a country in which they started a war to achieve their agenda, but they came up against a solid rock, namely the Sudanese national free will, which accepts neither injustice nor humiliation. Rather, it will stand proud and proud, like the towering mountains, which are not shaken by storms, however great they may be, but rather increase them by their stability on the ground and their height in the sky.

Support the victory of our people's armed forces, our regular services and the mujahideen. May God accept the urgent recovery of the injured. Indeed, He is the Almighty, Lord. Worlds.

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