Before and after the war: deprivation rates increased by 000!! – Romantic Loose – ✍️ Abdel Salam Al-Qaray

In crisis-ridden Sudan, the silent majority lives in an (emotional void) 0000 Most Sudanese are psychologically affected 00000 They move aimlessly 00000 They live in a real tragedy 0000 How could this not be the case when the affection and love rates are constantly decreasing 00000 Strong emotions have been removed from dictionaries

Hearts have become devoid of feelings. The meeting between soul and body has disappeared. Similar to what happened in that damn war that displaced millions of people.

Young men who were about to complete half of their religion 0000 and girls experiencing the worst periods of deprivation 00000 The marriage ceremony was not completed 00000 Husbands and wives whose feelings died 00000 They lost their feelings of love and affection 00000 Their worry has become greater than that 0000 It's the cursed war 00000

Before the war and following the economic collapse of our afflicted country, 00000 opportunities to meet and exchange the sweet feeling of true love diminished. 00000 Apathy hit the system of 00000 marriages taking place in the country. In the midst of bloody events, marriages (on paper) took place. The groom is in a foreign country and the bride is destined to wait 000000 despite the joy of the family and neighbors around her 00000 The wait may be long and despair and boredom may seep into the souls of the wives 000000 And separation may occur before they meet and enjoy half the debt 000 Many women have been widowed in the prime of their lives, either through the death of their husbands or at the following divorce 000000 Rates of (single) increased among men and women

The wise call for (polygamy), because it represents, as they say, a solution (to the chastity) of these people.

Due to the high price of dowries and the cost of living, the phenomenon of young men's reluctance to marry has become widespread, and thus the number of girls who miss the marriage train increases by 00,000. It has therefore appeared in some countries around us that. families of women offer marriage at the lowest cost.

In Sudan, it appeared, but timidly,

What is needed is for the relevant government agencies in the country, in coordination with civil society organizations, to seek to contain this phenomenon.

Experts warn of increasing rates of (deprivation) among men and women, and how difficult deprivation is, especially among (the daughters of Eve) 00,000, according to the testimony of (the bold women ), including 00,000 If that’s love. kills 00,000, then losing it, i.e. love, becomes more painful and can in some cases lead to madness, and it is certainly more difficult than murder, my dear, the Sudanese people have need more doses of romance 00000

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